5 Tips for Boosting Self-Belief

You’ve heard it said that “You have to believe in yourself.”

If only it were that easy, right?

It’s not a switch that you can turn on and off at will. There’s no magic self-belief pill on the market. And there’s no reason anyone would consciously choose to doubt themselves.

And yet, we all strive to do better by increasing our self-belief. But are we going about it in the right way? Do you have the right tools to boost belief in your own abilities? Let’s find out.

Your Step-by-Step Self-Belief Strategy

Self-belief comes with a lot of benefits, including…

  • better choices
  • broader influence
  • inner peace
  • creativity
  • optimism
  • a positive attitude
  • social ease
  • courage
  • a willingness to take risks
  • magnetism
  • greater perception of opportunity
  • persistence
  • higher levels of personal and professional success

There’s no doubt that we could all use a boost in self-belief. The Law of Attraction says that “Like Attracts Like,” so if you believe it will happen…well, it’s probably going to.

Here are some steps everyone can take to boost belief in themselves, and therefore all good things that come into their lives and careers:

  1. Silence the naysayer inside you. Whenever you doubt your capabilities, remind yourself that the voice perpetuating that negativity is not your own. It’s someone else’s voice that you’ve adopted (erroneously) as your own. Was it a bully? Or a parent? Or a boss? Or a competitor? No matter the source, one thing is for sure: Listening to it is a bad idea, and ignoring isn’t much better. You must put that voice in its place. Be firm with it; shout if you must. You may have to “remind” it of its place often; however, once you feel the weightlessness of existence without it dragging you down, your power will overtake it.
  2. Stop viewing nervousness as incompetence. Why are you nervous before a show or meeting? Because it’s important to you! If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t put the effort into doing it well. Learn to view your nervousness as positive energy, and practice focussing it into a dynamic performance.
  3. Practice the power of positive thinking or envisioning. Are you worried about a public speaking appearance? Then sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, and go through your speech in your mind, as if you’re in front of thousands of people and they’re all engrossed, learning…applauding. Are you concerned that your abilities won’t live up to a client’s expectations for a project? Imagine what the finished product will look like—make it something you’re proud of. Picture the client seeing it for the first time and being speechless at how well you’ve expressed their wishes. Envision where the referrals from this project will take you. Now, carry that excitement with you to the drawing board.
  4. Take baby steps; start with small goals. When we teach children to read or to ride a bicycle, we start small; however, when we teach ourselves, we tend to expect too much, too soon. Set small, easily attainable goals as you begin to boost your self-belief. Take pride in your achievements, making each one progressively more challenging. Notice how you feel more capable after the completion of each one. Stay on course, stay committed, and soon you’ll feel that nothing is impossible.
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others. Ever notice how we pick out those things we struggle with, find someone who does those things effortlessly, and then evaluate our own performance against those people’s? How is that fair? Start focussing on your strengths. Instead of comparing your own performances to others’, ask yourself, Did I improve since yesterday? Because we are all unique human beings, with different talents, reasons and perceptions of reality, there can never be an apples-to-apples measurement among different people. The only true measurement of success is comparing your performance today to your performance yesterday. Did you improve? Did you learn? Then you have to believe in yourself, because you have done it and have the power to do so much more.

Always remember that you were not born with your current level of self-belief. It is a result of experiences and limiting views that were imposed upon you throughout your lifetime. When you were a child, you believed that you could do anything. That reality has not changed; your perception of that reality has been distorted.

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Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.