9 Tips on How to Increase Your Intuition

Whether you’re hoping to find your own intuition or to further develop what you already rely upon, these tips will help you to dig more deeply into your intuitive abilities and increase your intuition:

  1. Meditate: Being silent and present in the moment will open channels to your subconscious. Listen to what it tells you. Most often, if you’ve been mulling over a decision, the answer will come to you (either directly or with a “feeling”). In a broader sense, meditation will teach you to listen to your subconscious, even when you’re not meditating.
  2. Know your Reactions: Pay attention to your body’s reactions when options are presented. One way to practise this is to stand up straight, but relaxed. Say “No” aloud and feel your body sway slightly backward. Say “Yes” and feel it move forward. Now, verbalise one option to a decision (e.g. “sign the contract”). Verbalise the other option (e.g. “decline the contract”). Notice your body’s YES or NO reaction to each. You may also wish to say someone’s name to determine if you should work or continue a relationship with them. This exercise will be useful in making decisions and developing your intuition.
  3. Sleep on it: If you’re mulling over a decision, recite the problem and your options just before going to sleep. Your subconscious is highly active as you sleep, and you’re likely to wake up with an answer.
  4. Give Credit: Think back over some decisions that benefited you in the past—in particular those decisions that had no factual foundation, but were supported by a “gut feeling.” This was your intuition at work. Credit your intuition with these victories. Commit to turning to your intuition, and trusting it, in the future. And then, practise acknowledging your intuition as soon as you see it work. This will create an association between intuition and positive results.
  5. Surround yourself with Intuition: Once you start to use your intuition, it will be easier to spot others who rely on intuition for their own success. Share techniques and stories of accomplishment with them.
  6. Observe: Your subconscious is always gathering information; however, it gathers more valuable data when you’re quiet and deliberately observant. Watch people, see situations unfold, scrutinise reactions, feel empathy…and know that these observations are stored for your own access and future decision-making.
  7. Practise in Passion: Your intuition will be its most outspoken in the areas of your life where you feel the greatest love and passion for what you’re doing. Your intuition tends to “care” about those things that you care most about because it is, after all, part of you. This will not only help you to advance in the areas you feel most passionate about, you will build your intuitive muscles for use in other areas, too.
  8. Identify Channels: Your unique intuition has a favourite way to reach you. It may be through dreams. You may receive a visual. You may hear a word. Or, you may “get a feeling.” Know this about yourself, and you’ll be more open and responsive to your intuition.
  9. Surrender: When you learn to identify and trust your intuition, you can then begin to surrender to its power—and know that it’s more powerful than many other forms of decision-making.

In business, you will use your intuition to hire someone whose resume was blah—but whose interview was spectacular. You will use it to partner with one business over another. And you will use it to select your ideal clients.

In your personal life, you will use it to choose a life partner, a home, a vacation spot…a garden scheme.

Once you begin to exercise your intuitive muscles, you will barely be able to believe how much it guides every decision you have to make. Whether you need an answer now or next week, your intuition will grow to be your best comrade in moving forward in all areas of your life.

Intuition can reduce stress and be a whole lot of fun too. I’ve used it for years now and have enjoyed positive results time and again. I highly recommend working on, and listening to your intuition and would love to hear any stories you have about the times you have used intuition and it paid off, so please leave a comment below…

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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