I attended I Feel Pretty, Amy Schumer’s latest film with my daughter and some beautiful women from Fempire Academy recently and we all walked away with valuable insights, and lessons, plus some great belly laughs.

It was super interesting to hear everyone’s feedback on the film afterward, from ages 18 to 55. The main confirmation being that self-confidence is the main success driver rather than how pretty you are – and for that reason alone I would recommend seeing this film and taking in its message, even if you are not usually a Schumer fan.

Here’s a quick summary, plus an exercise you might like to do to increase your own confidence.


In I Feel Pretty, the protagonist Renee struggles every day with her self image, comparing herself to women she believes to be thinner and more beautiful than she is. And the worst part? Her beliefs are negatively affecting her personal and professional life, too.

Whether she’s shopping in a boutique that doesn’t have “her size,” or comparing herself to thinner women at the gym, Renee just can’t seem to find it in herself to feel adequate. Her judgement and decision-making abilities are clouded by envy. She’s intelligent, has a good job, has plenty of quality friends…but is lacking in the romance department. She desperately wants to feel “undeniably pretty,” just like all the women she compares herself to.

And so, she tosses a coin in a fountain. She makes a wish. And then it happens (albeit not how she had envisioned). She falls off the stationary bike during her spin class and takes a mad hit to the head. When she awakens, nothing has changed except her confidence level. She looks in the mirror at herself and screams, “I’m beautiful!”

And as a result of seeing that beauty, Renee gets an impressive job promotion, as well as romantic interest from a number of men. She also has some over-the-top good times thanks to her new, extravagant level of self-confidence.

She had been outwardly wishing for “undeniable beauty.” She thought she just wanted to be “hot,” and that would solve all the problems she thought were related to her appearance. When, in fact, what she really wanted were all the results of that perceived beauty.

And that’s why most women wish for beauty. They see what women they perceive as beautiful get, and they assume it’s all because of outward appearance. When in fact, those women have what they do because they have developed self-confidence, so they’re able to see themselves as beautiful and go forward in the world with self-assurance.

This is not a movie review site, nor am I an entertainment guru. What I do know is that the message I Feel Pretty is intending to send is a valuable one for young women as well as women in leadership and business roles. If you’re able to see the movie, please do. Even if you can’t, watch the trailer.

Every morning when you wake up, declare “I’m beautiful” to the mirror, just like Renee did. If you’re worried about what the neighbours will think, just lean in close, and in your sincerest voice, whisper it to yourself with conviction.

And as you move throughout your day, tap into your gifts and express those things that make you unique. Carry yourself with your chin up and your shoulders back. Speak slowly and with confidence. Stay in-tune with your passion and make choices that serve that passion.

Do all of this, and you will begin to feel beautiful. Every day.

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