Marnie LeFevre is a self-made international business woman, leading marketing expert, award-winning entrepreneur, and speaker who is helping other women to achieve the same. Not only has she worked for names like Richard Branson and British Telecom, she has forged a path that is opening a wealth of new possibilities for aspiring female entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Clients who have worked with Marnie didn’t always have the confidence to take control of their own business journey through effective marketing, personal branding, and sales; however, they took full advantage of Marnie’s promise—the promise that they, too, can have the businesses they want, the lives they crave, and earn the kind of money that will impact the world around them.

Marnie was never a likely candidate for profound success. She wasn’t particularly gifted in spelling and math. She endured financial challenges and felt the same struggles that many working mothers experience. Now, she has not only learned to manage those challenges, she has turned buying, building, and selling businesses into a hobby—and forged a career giving other women the confidence and know-how to start their own businesses, increase cash flow, and learn more about themselves along the way.

Marnie’s experience runs deep. With more than 20 years in marketing, branding and sales in diverse large corporates and her own businesses, she has become a serial local and global entrepreneur and mentor who speaks all over the world. She has proven that with effective marketing techniques and consistently working on your own personal growth, there is no limit to what can be achieved and now measures her own success using the brilliant achievements of her client list, which includes the most promising female business names of this decade.

She is working harder than ever to lead and inspire women to get started and continue with confidence, to love what they do, believe in themselves, and to view wealth as a way to make a difference.


Hi Marnie

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your wisdom. Thank you for being my awesome coach.

Love Annette

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