ACTION Tips for Video Testimonials

In the marketing realm, there’s nothing more valuable than peer recommendations. Your potential clients are looking for them, and they WILL find them. But will they find high-quality, emotive recommendations, referrals, and testimonials for YOUR brand—or someone else’s?

Do your part to make sure your brand has plenty of rousing testimonials readily available for viewing, in order to move your ideal customers one step closer to conversion.

Not sure where to start?

Start here, with our list of tips for creating video testimonials that will work to build your brand.

Ready, Set, ACTION

Often, the effectiveness of a filmed testimonial is directly proportionate to its level of quality. Here’s how we recommended increasing that quality—and, in turn, your brand’s bottom line:

  • Setting: The background/surroundings in your videos should be branded. Plan to shoot at a company event, trade show, or exhibit. Not only will the video be rich with visual reinforcement of your brand, your subjects will be in the right frame of mind for touting all that you have to offer.
  • Efficiency: It’s always a good idea to have a number of testimonials available for viewing. When there’s just one, ‘what’s missing’ is more conspicuous than if there were no videos at all. With this in mind, it’s always smart (and time-effective) to plan on filming a number of videos, in the same location, all in one day.
  • Equipment: If your budget doesn’t allow for the hiring of a film professional, consider using a tripod (shaky testimonials are just that), a lapel mic…and if you’re using a smartphone, position it horizontally.
  • Designation: This sounds like a no-brainer, but make sure your subjects are prepared to [correctly] mention your name or the name of your brand in the video. Without that, your videos will seem generic…even suspicious to inquiring minds.
  • Subject Selection: Not every customer is film material. Choose those who are most poised, outspoken, and passionate about your brand. Their enthusiasm should feel contagious. After all, if they’re not excited about your brand, how will they inspire others?
  • Q&A Format: People tend to freeze when placed in front of a camera. They forget what they wanted to say. They fumble for words. You can help by presenting them with questions to answer—this will keep the dialogue moving and the subject focused and collected.

These video-shooting tips should get you started on the path to quality, business-inducing testimonials for your website, YouTube channel, social media pages, and more.

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