Jo Baker

personal branding

Is Personal Branding Right for You?

You've probably heard of corporate branding, but have you discovered the value of personal branding? More and more, business owners are being challenged to step out from behind their brands – to show their faces, their personalities, and their values.

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building a brand

5 Things You Should Know When Building Your Brand

Whether you're currently building your brand or you're wondering how to get started, I understand that it can seem overwhelming. Your brand is one of your most valuable assets, and you want to get it right.

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target market

Understanding your Target Market - how important is it?

We have a $1 jar at work. It is not a swear jar (though we might benefit from one of those as well!), it is a jar for every time a new client tells us their target market is “everyone”. The jar is getting close to full!

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