F is for the Fabulous Female Franchisee

F is for the Fabulous Female Franchisee

So you’re a woman with great aspirations? And you want to own a business?

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How to Sell Yourself (in Order to Sell a Service)

You’ve started a business. Congratulations! If you want that business to be around this time next year, then it’s important to understand that your work has just begun. Starting now, you’re going to have to sell yourself. Simply selling a service will never be enough.

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Loneliness: The Secret Struggle Faced by Female Entrepreneurs

Research has shown that a sense of connectedness is essential for mental wellbeing. But for many entrepreneurs, this sense of connectedness is hard to find, and subsequently, loneliness envelopes.Read more

Calculating the Value of a Business Coach

I can think of a lot of reasons to hire a business coach. Two heads are better than one (especially when one of those heads has experience and wisdom where the other may struggle). Read more

9 Important Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Partnership

Are you planning on forming a partnership with a friend or colleague, but you're not sure if a partnership is a good strategy for you? If so, you're in the right place - this article details the important questions that you need to answer before starting a partnership.Read more

Get Your Video Marketing in Motion: 14 Strategies to Enhance Your Marketing with Video

Cisco expects 80% of 2019’s global internet consumption to be in the form of video. So that leaves the question: If you’re not using video, how in the world are you going to reach and engage your target market?

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Feminism is for Men, Too

There it is: The F Word.

Feminism is a powerful word. For some, it signifies a chance to succeed, or to be heard. For others, it conjures up images of women lording over men in some sort of epic revenge coup. Read more

A Fascinating Perspective into Business Ownership and Gender

In the United States alone there are over 11.3 million female-owned businesses[1]. But, how do they compare to those run by men?Read more

How To Grow Your Pinterest Audience When You Create a New Account

So, you’ve heard all the wonderful advice about how you need to be using Pinterest to grow your business’s audience, and you’ve created a Pinterest account…but you’re not sure what to do next. How do you actually start gaining traction and building an audience?

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