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The time has finally come to let you in on a little secret that I’ve been keeping from you…

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Women-Owned Businesses: 2018 in Review

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Women in Business: Deserving, but Under-Served

The tide is shifting, ladies. We can no longer be suppressed, and we’re floating to the top of the barrel.

Female entrepreneurship is growing faster than that of male business ownership, with a rise of 7.6% over the past ten years (compared to .3% in men).[1]

There are a number of reasons for the upsurge, including the empowerment of women by organisations like our online Academy. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the current pay gap in Australia of 15.3%.[2] That’s women doing the same jobs as men; starting right out of school. These are women who are climbing corporate ladders at record rates and proving that they’ve got what it takes to lead teams and movements to unprecedented success. And still, they’re bringing home less money. And that means they’re turning to founding their own businesses—where they are more likely to earn salaries equal to those of male entrepreneurs.

I would even venture to predict that women can see the surge in female entrepreneurship, as well as the massive international support for it, and believe they can actually outdo their male competitors. I think they’re right.

However, there are still some serious gender inequalities to address—even in the entrepreneurial world.

Despite the fact that women are starting more small businesses, graduating from university in larger numbers, spending more money than men, and account for the majority of the collective workforce, we continue to be underestimated.

Women have everything we need, right now, to seize control of the world’s economy…except the support to do so. Women have so much to offer: and many of the things that come naturally to us are the things that financial and business realms have been missing for centuries. There’s judiciousness, mutual empowerment, teamwork, intuitive decision-making…just to name a few. With these qualities at the helm, everyone wins.

So why the resistance?

There are a number of reasons:

Allowing women to lead means changing the ways things have been done for centuries

Now, I’m not suggesting this is a good reason for suppressing women; in fact, I am maintaining that it’s the absolute WORST. This is, however, human nature. If you’ve ever avoided doing something that would result in an easier or happier life simply because you’re not comfortable with change or uncertainty, you might be able to understand this mindset. It’s not justified; just a poor excuse for wanting to maintain power and avoid change.

Fear of gender bias

Men, in particular, tend to think in terms of hierarchy, often believing that every situation is either a win or a loss. This could lead some to have an irrational fear of women’s lib, or women in positions of leadership. They might draw the conclusion that women will “stick together” and only choose other women for important roles. Like most fears, this one is unfounded. Women have proven themselves to be the gender that is most concerned with fairness and advancement based on merit. Allowing more women to rise to leadership positions is beneficial for all involved.

The stereotype that women are not capitalists

Women are givers; there’s no doubt about that. But does that mean we will give away too many products for free and doom our businesses to bankruptcy? Absolutely not! The exact opposite is more likely to happen. You see, there’s an element conspicuously missing from business today. Too many ask for the sale before they build trust and expertise. They ask for the money before they provide value. Women inherently understand the concept of The More You Give, The More You Get. And that’s one of the reasons women are better at selling than men.

So, this leads me to wonder: Are women in business being under-served because there’s a lack of resources, or because there’s a fear of some sort of feminised takeover? Or is it simply the fear of change?

Education is the first step.

The second step is getting even more women into entrepreneurial positions in order to prove what we already know: Women have what it takes to create unlimited wins for everyone involved. We can support one another, and we can have honest conversations with male entrepreneurs and the men who love female entrepreneursin order to alleviate fears and prove that when the right person for the job wins, we all win…regardless of gender.


Do you want to learn how you can be proactive in building your own business, as well as promote awareness and support for female entrepreneurs everywhere?

Then I suggest you start by registering for my Fempreneur Course. It’s a 3-day live event (coming up in Perth in March and Melbourne in April) where you’ll learn to make money and make a difference doing what you love.

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