Boost Your SEO: DIY Tips

DIY SEO. What does that double acronym mean to you? Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimisation, for sure. However, what’s beyond that?

Does it mean A) you’re being forced to perform this dark art on your own because you don’t have the capital to hire a professional?

Or does it mean B) you’re choosing to do it yourself because it’s the preferable way to go?

You might be surprised to learn that B is (or should be) your answer.

I sincerely believe that no one can perform effective SEO like the founder and owner of the business. If you’re surprised, that might be because you’re hyper-focussed on the metatags, the long-tail keywords, the backlinks—when what matters most is the heart of it all…the stuff you already know because you’re closer than anyone to the mindset of your target market.

It’s true: SEO used to be viewed as a science. Now, it’s more of an art—made even more relevant when you’re ‘in there,’ as a partner with your ideal clients in providing them with the answers and solutions they need.

Here’s what I suggest you concentrate on, as you move forward with doing your own SEO:

  • Interact with your Target Market. By joining social media groups and forums that contain rich concentrations of your ideal clients, you will pick up on the terms they commonly use when referring to the problem you solve. Use these words and phrases in your content.
  • Get advice from the Google Keyword Planner tool. Enter the URL of your website (which has been created with your specific target market in mind…hint, hint), along with a few competitors’ websites, and see what keywords Google suggests. Use these recommended keywords in your content.
  • Write Highly Relevant Content. This might seem like common sense, but it can be easy to get wrapped up in SEO practices and forget that the main objective is to appeal to your target market so they come back again and again (which Google ‘notices’ and rewards with higher search engine rankings).
  • Keep Content Fresh. If you have a blog (which you should…another hint), add new articles regularly. Post consistently on your social media pages, too.
  • Don’t Neglect the Long-Tail Keywords. These are longer phrases that people are using to find businesses like yours. They are valuable because there is less competition than with one- and two-word optimisation.
  • Concentrate on One Keyword per Page. Of course, more than one relevant keyword will make its organic appearance on each webpage, blog post, article, social media status update, etc. However, choose just one keyword or keyword phrase to focus on per piece of content and use it as it would naturally occur (avoid keyword stuffing…no more than five times per page), as well as in the places listed in my next point.
  • Include that Keyword in all the Right Places. Where should that keyword appear? Near the beginning of the page title tag, in the Meta description, the header, subheadings, image tags…and of course, in the content.
  • Trade Links with Prominent Websites. By incorporating do-follow links from guest bloggers (and doing the same on their sites), you will increase your webpages’ rankings.
  • Stay Active on Social Media. You might be surprised at what Google ‘notices,’ including how well you’re engaging your audience on your social media pages. Performance there will affect the ranking of your other webpages.
  • Use Analytics Tools. You’ve got to monitor your SEO efforts in order to learn what’s working (and should be enhanced) and what’s not (and should be eliminated). Always remember to measure what matters…and then what matters will grow.

I trust that these tips will get you started on the path to mastering SEO for your business—to increase online traffic and visibility for your brand, which will enhance awareness and ultimately, profits. As always, should you have any questions about DIY SEO or any other marketing or branding topic, please comment below.

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