Build your Brand with Online Video

You probably already know that video for your webpages and landing page(s) is an influential tool for engaging visitors, appealing to a variety of learning preferences, growing your audience, and building your expert status…

but there’s more.

According to Forrester Research, a webpage that contains video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results than a page without video. This is powerful, and valuable, information for your online marketing efforts.

Let’s talk about how to leverage the power of video and put it to work for your brand.

Work it, with Video

If you’ve never published an online video, you might feel a bit nervous. What should you say? How long should it be? What type of content should it include? Should you memorise your lines or use cue cards? What structure should it follow?

These are all valid questions, and ones that I’m often asked. Here’s my advice;

  • Length: The video hosting experts at Wistia have found that shorter is always better when it comes to video. Their analytics show that when a video is 30 seconds in length, 85% of viewers watch it in its entirety. When a video is 2-10 minutes long, full-length viewing drops to 50%. Does this mean that all of your videos should be 30 seconds in length? No, but it does mean that I recommend staying at or near the 2-minute mark, and that you should strive to capture attention within the first 20 seconds (so they’ll want to stay around longer than the average minimum attention span dictates).
  • Structure: As mentioned above, every video you produce should get to the point (capture attention by telling viewers what to expect and why they should keep watching) right away. Then, cover 3 to 5 supporting pieces of information. Think of a newspaper article written with an inverted pyramid structure (important point first, then supporting facts in order of most-important-to-least-important). At the end, summarise what you’ve covered and present some sort of call-to-action (ask viewers to leave comments, to click a link, or to subscribe to something).
  • Speaking: What to say and how to say it depends a lot on your brand’s unique language and your own comfort level. Speak from memory or use cue cards—either method will work just fine.
  • Subject Matter: Most of your decisions regarding subject matter (or type of video) will depend on your audience demand; however, some common types of video include Educational (showing your product in use, demonstrating its benefits and features), Story (your brand story or a story surrounding a product or service), Informational (answer FAQs), Myth-Buster (breaking through common myths about your industry or your brand), Review (a testimonial about a product or service), Behind the Scenes (a look at the human side of your brand), Case Study (showing the results of either using or not using your product or service), or Question Engagement (ask your audience question(s) and request that they respond or get involved in the conversation).

Today’s consumer prefers (and craves) video tutorials, story lines, and interaction. And thanks to video hosting sites like YouTube, your brand’s videos can be archived indefinitely and accessed from nearly anywhere.

Video is the wave of your online marketing future, and it doesn’t have to be a costly exercise. If you have spare time to invest, you can produce your own videos for next to nothing. Contact me, for more information on building your brand with online video. And then check out my blog for lots more about branding, marketing, and business.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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