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Beauty: Visual Judgment or State of Mind?

There’s no such thing as universal beauty. Surely, some women are considered to be more attractive than others, but if you ask anyone to name the most beautiful woman in the world, you would lose track of the many answers.Read more

A Passion Worth Obsessing Over

You’ve heard me talk about pursuing your passion—how in order to be a successful business woman, entrepreneur, brand builder…you’re going to have to know your WHY and you’re going to have to be passionate about what you’re doing.Read more

A Message for Every Woman in I Feel Pretty

I attended I Feel Pretty, Amy Schumer’s latest film with my daughter and some beautiful women from Fempire Academy recently and we all walked away with valuable insights, and lessons, plus some great belly laughs.

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Your New Morning Beauty Routine

If you've ever tried to pour a cup of coffee from a nearly empty carafe, you know the frustration of someone else having emptied your resources. Add to that your need for a boost of caffeine, and you also know the feeling of needing something that's just not available right now.Read more

Find Your Business Purpose

Any woman can start a business.

It takes a special woman to build a successful business.

Which prompts the question: What separates the triumphs from the failures?

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Intuition: The Sixth Business Sense

You’ve heard of women’s intuition. You’ve probably experienced it, too. But what is it, really? Is it some kind of magic? Or psychic power?

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Working on Yourself - The Biggest Gift you can Give to Others

How much time have you dedicated to yourself this year?

How much effort have you invested in your education, your relationships, your gratefulness, your empathy…your happiness?

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Boosting Self-Belief

5 Tips for Boosting Self-Belief

You’ve heard it said that “You have to believe in yourself.”

If only it were that easy, right?

It’s not a switch that you can turn on and off at will. There’s no magic self-belief pill on the market. And there’s no reason anyone would consciously choose to doubt themselves.

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Increase Your Intuition

9 Tips on How to Increase Your Intuition

Whether you’re hoping to find your own intuition or to further develop what you already rely upon, these tips will help you to dig more deeply into your intuitive abilities and increase your intuition:

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