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A Message for Every Woman in I Feel Pretty

I attended I Feel Pretty, Amy Schumer’s latest film with my daughter and some beautiful women from Fempire Academy recently and we all walked away with valuable insights, and lessons, plus some great belly laughs.

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Your New Morning Beauty Routine

If you've ever tried to pour a cup of coffee from a nearly empty carafe, you know the frustration of someone else having emptied your resources. Add to that your need for a boost of caffeine, and you also know the feeling of needing something that's just not available right now.Read more

Build Confidence for Business and Life

You're a female entrepreneur who wants to compete at the front of the pack, who understands the value of breaking barriers, of staying relevant and of doing things first and doing them better.Read more

Reflecting on my 2017 - what a ride...

Reflecting on 2017 I have to admit, although it was a whirlwind of a year that pushed every boundary I had, we certainly achieved amazing things.

Three things stand out.

I began touring regularly and upscaled my ability to impact so many more women in positive ways.

Was it a risk? Absolutely, and a massive learning curve - but it paid off. I met so many amazing women, I am just so very grateful that I found the courage to get uncomfortable. Yes, it was VERY uncomfortable.

Standing in front of hundreds of women and having the confidence to share my message and my voice took courage, that I wasn’t sure I could maintain and determination, that I wasn't sure I was capable of... until I did it. There is a level exposure and vulnerability that would be hard for the best of us but I believe is even harder for a woman - because everything we are taught from a very early age is the complete opposite of what I was doing. But I dared to do it anyway, risk being shot down, ridiculed, even hated.

99% of feedback was ridiculously positive (yay!) but I did get that 1% that made it their mission to criticise and judge. I chose to see the criticism as a gift. It forced me to get to know myself better, to remain positive even when it felt hard and to stay focused on my “why” - the reason I was doing it all in the first place.

What else happened?

My book became a #1 bestseller. That was a surprise and so humbling and exciting! Again, because it was a tool I was hoping would help to make a difference and it did. I spent time, energy and effort writing it and it was so wonderful when I found out that women were reading it and finding it helpful. I received lots of amazing emails and pms. What can I say, it was a really cool time! :)

We launched an online Academy to help support women who couldn't afford to work with me directly. It looks amazing and we are steadily growing it and connecting with some beautiful ladies online and helping answer those burning questions that they need answered to succeed in business.

We also brought in more staff and contractors and made a whole bunch of changes and grew and grew and grew. What a journey! I'm not going to lie, sometimes it was full on and it had me questioning what the hell I was doing but I had a fierce "why" and a full on mission and I am never one to give up without a really good reason.

It's a fire in my belly and to be honest sometimes that fire burns - in a not so great way - but most times, if I focus on the right things, it warms me and helps me succeed in ways I could never have imagined.

We're making even more changes and taking more risks this year and it's exciting - not for the faint hearted - but exciting none the less. I'm going to be making big announcements soon - so stay tuned for the next phase in building this crazy passion of mine.

I truly hope your 2018 delivers gifts for you and provides a level of abundance that fills up your soul.

Let me know what you’re up to for 2018 below in the comments - I’d love to hear what you have planned. :)

Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.
Marnie xx

Find Your Business Purpose

Any woman can start a business.

It takes a special woman to build a successful business.

Which prompts the question: What separates the triumphs from the failures?

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How to Fall in Love with Selling

In order to stay in business, you have to make sales.

You know that.

What you don't know is how to become more comfortable with the idea of selling.

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Women in Business: The Great Behavioural Shift

For as long as many of us can remember, we've been discouraged from 'acting like women' in the workplace—particularly in positions of power.

What exactly is that supposed to mean? We're not supposed to cry, or whine, or nag? As much as that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up (as it does mine), many of us still adhere to that standard. We experience an emotion in the workplace and we suppress it. Our intuition speaks to us about a particular situation, and we ignore it.

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Love You, for Better Leadership

Leadership is not for the weak of heart. It’s not for those who will allow others’ views to infiltrate or compromise their own. And it’s not for those who feel under-confident in their own abilities, or who look to others for approval for every move.

In short, leadership is not for followers.

Leadership is for those who have respect for others and for themselves, and it’s for people who care enough about themselves to make the types of decisions that will benefit everyone involved...including themselves. It’s for people who have faith in their own ideas and convictions, and assign enough value to those things to want to see them come to fruition.

Does this mean you must be born with high self-esteem and outrageous self-love in order to be a great leader?


In fact, these things can be developed, particularly when you know what’s required and have the right advice for bringing these things to life.

Here are the ways in which getting to know and love yourself will help to enhance your leadership abilities:

  • A self-confident person does not feel threatened by others’ great ideas, or by their successes. There’s a saying that the most confident, supportive women don’t degrade each other -- instead, they all straighten each others’ crowns. When you have a healthy sense of self-love and a positive self image, you will not be preoccupied with levelling, or tearing others down. You will focus on the task at hand and forge your own, unique way.
  • A leader who loves herself wants others to succeed -- particularly her subordinates. If you struggle with low self-esteem, you will be forever fearful of those under you surpassing your level of success. If you have a healthy level of self-esteem, you will see their successes as testaments to your leadership abilities.
  • A leader who loves herself will not feel compelled to control people; she will, however lead by example because she truly believes that the choices she makes are good ones.
  • Leaders with poor self-esteem exist and work in a state of constant fear. They are afraid that the decisions they make won’t be the right ones. They worry that people will not approve of their choices. They fear change. They are certain that, at any time, their leadership roles could be stripped away and given to someone more qualified. Whereas a self-confident leader who loves what she does (and loves the way she does it) will make solid decisions, will be happy to defend those decisions when challenged and will easily convince others through her own level of conviction.
  • Leaders who love themselves have the best-qualified teams. They have no qualms about hiring people who might outshine them, because they’re focussed on the achievement of company-wide goals, rather than on spotlighting their own personal achievements.
  • Those leaders who know themselves well (strengths, weaknesses, preferences, needs) make the best decisions because they can predict outcomes most accurately. They have no aversion to a variety of successes (i.e. the ‘unknown’), and will choose the most direct path for reaching all of them.
  • Self-confident leaders who love themselves know where they’re headed. They have goals, and will surround themselves with people who are as successful (or ideally, more successful) than themselves. They welcome the challenge and readily learn from those who are highly accomplished.

Do you value yourself as a human being? Are you proud of your achievements, your talents...proud of YOU?

When you take pride in the work you put forth and the differences you make in people’s lives, you become a more effective leader. Those who look up to you will see the confidence you exude and the respect you have for yourself. They will want that, too, and choose to follow you. In fact, they will go out of their ways to follow you.

And that, my friends, is the gateway to mad leadership skills.

Have an opinion, advice or comment? Please share it with me below…

Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.

Redefine Leadership, Every Day

How do you define leadership?

What comes to mind when you hear the word leader?

If you think of notoriety, wealth, power…then it’s no wonder you’ve been hesitant to call yourself a leader. It’s no wonder that leadership is something you’re placing far, far into your future. And if this is your thought process, then I can understand why you believe that leadership is something you may never achieve.

Here’s the truth: You’re already a leader.

Who says that a leader has to appear on television? Or have published a book? Or have thousands of followers?

Leadership is about showing someone else a better way, or helping them through a tough spot, or giving them the tools to make a positive change…and yes, that someone can be just one person.

There are countless ways that any one woman can lead in a single day, and I’m positive that you’re already doing many of them on a regular basis. However, you may not realise just how influential your behaviours are in the lives of those you’ve been leading.

Here are just a few ways that genuine leaders influence others, every day:

  • Lead by Example. Do you know what kind of leaders have the happiest, most positive and most productive teams? The ones who are the happiest, most positive and most productive leaders, of course. When you demonstrate, through words and actions, how you want your team members to interact with one another, with customers, investors, suppliers and other affiliates, you are leading.
  • Someone who is focussed on waiting for a break in conversation, so they can interject what they have to say, will never become an effective leader. However, a person who listens intently to what others have to say, digests what they’ve offered, and then uses language to show that she understands has great potential to be an effective leader. People take notice to who cares and who’s listening—and they tend to follow those people. This makes great listeners even better leaders.
  • Offer Advice. Leaders don’t interject their opinions into every situation; they do, however, offer sound advice (based on experience) when they’re prompted or when they genuinely believe it will be helpful. When the advice is good, it’s likely to work. And when it works to change a day, a week or a life, the giver of that advice will not only be remembered, she will be viewed as a leader.
  • Bring Something Valuable. What does an unhappy person need? Laughter. What does a struggling business owner need? Sound advice. What does a frightened child need? A strong arm to protect him. What does a lonely person need? A friend. When you give someone what they need, you immediately establish yourself as a leader. You saw a problem, you took initiative, you offered a solution, and you automatically made yourself memorable and recommendable…or in other words, a leader. Sometimes, you won’t even know you changed someone’s day. Just by going about your normal routine (which is leadership-centred), you have made a difference.

Being a leader (and having the right to call yourself a leader) doesn’t have anything to do with money, power or notoriety. All that’s required is the consistent, everyday awareness of your ability to be a positive influence.

Have an opinion, advice or comment? Please share it with me below…

Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.