Heart (emotional)

Vulnerability — Does it belong in the Workplace?

Human beings are, by nature, vulnerable. We make mistakes, we worry, we fail, and we all have flaws that we carry as burdens for our lifetimes. And yet, the notion that these mustn’t exist in the workplace is perpetuated by those who may wish that humans weren’t…well, so human.

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Leading from the feminine

Leading from the Feminine

You’ve heard leadership advice that starts, leading from the front, leading from the shadows, leading from within, leading from the middle, leading from the edge…however, it seems that some of the best contemporary leadership advice is coming in the form of Leading from the Feminine.

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Imposter Syndrome

Defeat Imposter Syndrome: Own It

Certainly, you’ve heard a life coach, motivational speaker…or even your best friend…recommend that you “Own it.” Usually he or she is talking about your less-than-desirable qualities. But has anyone ever urged you to do the same with your talents and accomplishments?

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