Business Journey

You Have a Client Avatar, Right?

As you begin to develop and market your brand, it can be enticing to take the easy route—to market to a broad audience. This can, however, be a dangerous move. A broad message will appeal to virtually no one, while a focussed message will appeal to all the right people.

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Starting a business

Starting a Business: a Secret To-Do List

The desire to be an entrepreneur puts you in an exclusive class—one that will require long, grueling hours and the desire to compete and win. Many will give up. Few will give what it takes to thrive. Even fewer will stick with it.

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Video testimonials

ACTION Tips for Video Testimonials

In the marketing realm, there’s nothing more valuable than peer recommendations. Your potential clients are looking for them, and they WILL find them. But will they find high-quality, emotive recommendations, referrals, and testimonials for YOUR brand—or someone else’s?

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Online Video

Build your Brand with Online Video

You probably already know that video for your webpages and landing page(s) is an influential tool for engaging visitors, appealing to a variety of learning preferences, growing your audience, and building your expert status…

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Write a Tagline

Write a Tagline that Sells

Tagline, Strapline, Slogan…whatever you call it, your brand name isn’t complete without one. A tagline articulates the value that people can expect from your brand, while positioning your brand in the market. But that’s not all: The process of writing a tagline for your brand—if done correctly—becomes a discovery exercise for uncovering the best of your brand.

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Vision, Mission, and Values

Your Vision, Mission, and Values

Whether your brand is a start-up or an existing SME, you're probably become aware of the need for a Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Values Statement. What does each entail? How do they differ from one another? And how can you go about writing them?

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Get it Right

Email marketing: it’s a largely untapped treasure of marketing connections, engagement, and revenue potential. But why haven’t you had success with it? There are a number of common mistakes made in the realm of email marketing—even by the very best marketers.

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The 5 stages of branding

The 5 Stages of Branding - Infographic

Check out our new infographic on the 5 Stages of Branding. It takes a lot of marketing to get your business ranking over stage 1.

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Personal Branding

It’s Time to get Personal

What if I told you that you could double your company’s profit by adding one simple thing to your marketing plan? What if I introduced a no-nonsense method for building your expert status, others’ trust in you, and your brand—all at once?

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