Individual Coaching

As a leading international entrepreneur, business woman, professional marketer, mother and wife Marnie has an intimate understanding of exactly what women go through when they elect to walk the entrepreneurial path by starting or buying and then growing their own businesses.

Marnie says “Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely, sometimes confusing road, however being a female entrepreneur comes with it’s own challenges. So few women sit in the space. I craved mentoring from another woman in business when I was building my business. The amazing women that were succeeding had so little time, due to all the balls they had in the air (still responsible for home life as well as running a major business), that I never managed to find another woman who intimately understood my journey and could give me her time.”

Marnie has seen just about every scenario you might come across in business and intimately understands what it is like being a woman trying to grow a business in a man’s world.

“I feel very lucky that I had great male mentors, yet I found that although their coaching and mentoring was sound, it still lacked a deep understanding of everything women face in business and life and how being a woman entrepreneur has its own unique set of struggles. I had to work out how to do it all on my own and vowed if I was ever in a position to share what I’d learnt that I’d try to help as many women as I could, so their road may not be quite as bumpy.”

Marnie takes on a select number of mentoring clients every year. If you would like to become one of those clients and you believe you have the passion, drive and commitment to succeed in business then please email

Femme-pire - 12 Month Group Coaching Program

Starting and growing your own business can be a huge learning curve that you can never be truly ready for – sort of like giving birth or raising children – everyone tells you how tough it will be but you never really comprehend what they mean until you are holding that tiny baby in your arms and wondering how on earth you are going to master everything you need to do to keep them alive!

So maybe you’ve started your own business and you are sitting there wondering the same thing – how are you going to keep this dream alive? It’s such a huge learning curve. You’re great at what you do, but marketing and other business fundamentals are a complete mystery to you.

It’s alright I know how you feel. I was there – I was freaked out, but I managed to make it through and so can you (yes, I mean in business but I survived motherhood too – just in case you’re wondering!).

You don’t have to do this alone.

I have developed Femme-pire, a 12 month group coaching program to support you as you build your empire!

It’s tailored specifically for women, with our individual struggles and incredible strengths in mind. It supports you and guides you on your femme-trepreneur’s journey, surrounded by a beautiful group of like-minded women. It’s like studying a mini marketing and business degree – but way more fun – and far more focused on YOUR business and its success.

We work with you and teach you how to get your marketing right and your business organised so that you begin to enjoy the journey and start making the money you deserve.

I love this program and I love seeing the results that women achieve once they’ve learned what they need to know and have found a beautiful tribe to support them.

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