Database Power with Email Marketing

A well-maintained, current database containing customers’ email addresses is currency. It’s far more valuable than the names contained within it – because connected to each of those names is a network of possibilities.

Every piece of communication is an opportunity to build your brand’s database, and a well-kept database holds a number of benefits for brands like yours, including:

  • Having a current list of brand participants on-hand. This means you’ll always have a receptive audience at your disposal, ready for your next marketing campaign or announcement.
  • Like mentioned earlier, an extensive database filled with viable prospects is as valuable as any liquid asset – and this equals heightened brand value.
  • A database increases any campaign’s ROI. Just think of the money a brand can save by not having to search for an audience.
  • Within a quality database is contained an unparalleled number of connections to new markets. Conservatively speaking, just imagine how many referrals you could garner if each of your database members spoke to just ten of their own connections about your brand.
  • A well-organised database gives you the power to run sub-campaigns that target specific sub-groups, making every word more powerful and relevant.
  • Keeping your brand top-of-mind is simple with a database at your disposal.

Email marketing is not only a method for gathering email addresses for your database (through referrals), it’s also a brilliant way to speak to those who are already included in your contact list. Consider this: Social media marketing has become the “way to go” in the realm of online marketing. However, email marketing is still alive-and-well and has become a sort of road-not-travelled for marketers in all sectors.

What does this mean for your brand? It means that a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes email marketing will reach (and impress) people who want a more personalised connection with your brand. Email marketing offers an opportunity to utilise your branded language and take advantage of higher-than-average consumer response rates.

Your message – for collecting email addresses and for speaking to the people on the other end of them – is important…but your role as an effective marketer doesn’t end there. The methods you choose for communicating your message are also crucial. Know your audience. Study their preferences. If email marketing fits your strategy, use it to build a powerful database that will help to secure the future of your brand.

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