Does Video Belong on Your Website?

Video is quickly becoming the go-to medium for online marketers. If you haven’t yet harnessed the power of online video, you may be wondering if it would benefit your traffic numbers and conversion rates.

I know the answer, but let’s look at some data that might help you to come to your own conclusions:

  • YouTube is the web’s second-most-popular search engine. Guess who’s first? Google. And guess who owns YouTube? Google. This means that your ideal clients are fishing around the YouTube pond – so you should probably be in it.
  • Video increases conversion rates. According to, their visitors are 44% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video on their site. Additionally, Comscore says that visitors who watch their videos are 64% more likely to make a purchase (plus they stay on the site an average of two minutes longer than visitors who don’t view their videos).
  • Video satisfies the human psyche. The human brain is designed to assign credibility to, and gather and retain information from, other human faces. Body language and voice inflection trigger emotions in video viewers (hint, hint: emotional marketing), and motion attracts attention from our primal brains.
  • Video is preferred by consumers. Eloqua has surveyed online consumers and found that they prefer video over written text and person-to-person demos.

Video isn’t just for ecommerce sites. Every website needs video that’s embedded, easily accessible and visible.

Here are few tips for creating online video for use on your website:

  • Hire a professional to shoot your video. Good lighting and quality equipment will speak volumes about your brand’s attention to detail and quality.
  • Show products, faces, and procedures clearly.
  • Avoid jargon; speak audibly and slowly.
  • Be creative in content and technology.
  • Use YouTube to host your video and include keywords in the video title, description, tags, and categories. Add a website link and social media call-to-action to the description, encouraging comments, liking, and sharing.
  • Share the video you’ve uploaded on social media sites, particularly Google+ (Google owns that, too).

Does video belong on your website? The answer is a definitive YES! The benefits to your brand, your traffic, and your bottom line cannot be denied.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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