Employee Personal Branding

YOU and the company you work for: How do they fit together? How do they work together? How do they complement each other? And how can you, a woman focussed on establishing both a career and a name for herself, make employment choices that will be beneficial for everyone involved?

These are questions every driven, professional woman should be asking herself, in order to move forward and upward in her career.

I’m talking about establishing your personal brand within the corporate brand you work for, so that you can grow professionally, at a rate that will satisfy your most ambitious goals.

Wondering where to start? Here’s a checklist you can use to evaluate and move forward in your current employment situation, as well as choose prospective employers wisely:

  • Name the values that are important to you in your professional life. These are the things you want to demonstrate, as well as the things you look for in those you associate with. Some examples are Integrity, Fun, Sincerity, Precision, and Enthusiasm. Now, look for the corporate values your employer or prospective employer has listed. The most beneficial professional relationships will result when both sets of values closely align with one another. You will be out there, in the marketplace and in the world, demonstrating values that come natural to you, on behalf of the corporate brand.
  • Ask the employer how they will support your desire to progress (e.g. training). Tell them about your goals, and make it clear that you have long-term aspirations for advancement within their company. The wrong employer will see this as a selfish request, and show little or no interest in helping you to better yourself. The right employer will value this proposal as a benefit for the company, and will offer ways in which they plan to support your professional improvement.
  • Search for an employer who will support your privilege to exercise your unique personal brand—an employer who will allow you to “be yourself at work.” Do you thrive on humour, and love to share it with clients? Are you a compassionate, empathetic person? Are you intensely creative, always looking for new ways to solve old problems? If your values truly do align with the company’s, this should pose no threat to their reputation; in fact, it should strengthen it.
  • In what ways will you add value to this company? If you see no way that you can add value, or if the company seems unreceptive to your value propositions, it’s probably not the best match. Your personal brand needs to fill a need (or a gap), just like a corporate brand does—and if an employer doesn’t see that a need exists, your personal brand will not be valued.
  • If you’re a goal-focussed professional woman, then it only makes sense that every job you take (or advance in) should enhance your resume. Think of this in terms of adding bullet points to your CV, rather than staying stagnant in the same old list. If you’re only taking steps that feel comfortable, your personal brand will not grow. Instead, build your personal brand by choosing employment that promises to build YOU, so that you can build IT.
  • There are countless ways that you can promote your employer, and the number of possibilities increases if you’re permitted to branch out and speak on their behalf. Always keep your employer informed (ask permission when required) of what you’re planning to do, and ensure them that their company will be promoted. This could include speaking engagements, networking events, community outreach programmes and more. Always have business cards handy that showcase both your name (personal brand) and the company’s name (corporate brand).
  • Building your personal brand whilst working for a corporate brand requires self-confidence; however, that should never overpower the company’s image. You are the brand’s representative, not its star. You are there to serve the corporate brand, not to outshine it. Keep this in mind in order to strike a balance that will prove that you and the employer are a team.

When the employee/corporate brand relationship is built carefully and with mutual benefits as a top priority, everyone involved profits. And when the personal brand is a good fit for the corporate brand (and vice-versa), the synergy can create something greater than either could be on its own.

How will you pursue the corporate brand that’s just right for the expression and growth of your personal brand?

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Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.