Five Not-For-Profits that are All-For-Women

Support for women in business, and women in general, benefits our entire economy. Not only are numbers of female entrepreneurs growing, those women are bringing their unique gifts to the marketplace…which benefit all of us, regardless of race, gender, religion or industry.

I am often asked about the best ways to support women—not only in business, but in general. After all, we never know where the next great female entrepreneur will come from. She could be part of an indigenous community, maybe she’s a new immigrant or she could be suffocating under the weight of poverty or abuse.

The women I work with in the Fempire Academy, as well as in my coaching business, have experienced profound growth, confidence and connection, and they often ask how they can help other women to experience that, too.

And so, I thought it would be appropriate to conduct a bit of research and publish a list of five not-for-profits, you may not have heard of, in Australia that support women in a variety of aspects. This is not a personal or professional endorsement. It’s simply a list of organisations that seem to align with the values of my tribe.

My hope is that this list will spark further interest in women’s issues, raise awareness for these organisations, and move you to look into these women’s not-for-profits and others.

Please conduct your own research and look into each one thoroughly before committing time or money. Conditions change, and I’d never want you to support something that doesn’t align with your own personal values.

  • Full Stop Foundation: This one is working to stop domestic violence and sexual assault, by changing societal views of domestic and sexual abuse, as well as promoting the rights of victims whilst they’re recovering. They offer trauma support, raise awareness, and promote programmes that prevent abuse.
  • Wellsprings for Women: This not-for-profit offers computer and English classes, learning and mentoring programmes, homework and life-skills support…as well as Zumba, yoga, line-dancing, sewing and art classes to isolated and disadvantaged women in Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia.
  • Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI): This registered long-term housing provider helps to create new beginnings for at-risk women and children at affordable rates, for brighter futures. The organisation believes that home is the foundation for a better life, and benefits women from all types of backgrounds, including single mothers, indigenous women, those exiting detention facilities, migrants, homeless, low-income, those with disabilities, and those escaping domestic abuse.
  • The Sunflower Foundation (Australia), Inc.: This government-funded not-for-profit reaches outside the country to under-developed nations to plant the seeds of sustainable economic and social growth. It does so by ensuring that girls stay in school and that they feel empowered to contribute to their communities with a spirit of gender equality and social justice.
  • Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA): This organisation is run by women with disabilities, for women with all types of disabilities. They work with more than two million women and girls in Australia to build self-esteem and confidence—and they’re working to move those initiatives to other countries, too. They strive to ensure that the human rights and freedoms of ALL are recognised and honoured.
Women are making great strides in Australia and around the world.

And we can keep the momentum going with support—support through time, attention, talking about the issues…and even through tax-deductible donations to not-for-profits that are making differences for women in all walks of life.

I have found my purpose through inspiring women to start their own businesses, to move forward with knowledge and confidence, to believe in themselves and to love what they do. I make this happen through individual coaching, live events and the Fempire Academy. Join me, won’t you? You probably have no idea what you’re really capable of. Let’s find out together. 🙂