Get Your Product Found Online: 8 Tips

You’ve created a fabulous product. You’ve designed an informative website and supporting social media pages. A number of ecommerce sites have agreed to sell your product and you’ve market tested it with great results.

And now, you wait.

You wait for those sales to start rolling in.

Nothing’s happening, so you check your online pages’ analytics only to discover that your product is not being found. It would seem that it’s virtually invisible.

What’s a girl to do? How can you make sure that your product is found online by all the right people?

I have eight tips for you—eight tips that will start your business on its way to making money whilst you sleep.

Eight Ways to Make Sure Your Product Will be Found Online

You can have a universe-altering product, but unless all the right people are seeing it, it will never live up to its full potential—and it won’t generate the level of profit you need to stay in business, and to excel.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Select Keywords. What keywords and phrases are members of your target market using to find products like yours? What words are they using to describe the problem they’re having or the type of solution they’re hoping for? Make a list and then use the Google keywords tool to find those search terms that have significant numbers of searches for month, with low competition.
  2. Choose a Clear, Descriptive Name. When naming your product, think about what words people will be using to find it. Xerox and Nike are well-known brand names, but do you think anyone would use those words to find copiers or running shoes if they’d never heard of the brands? Do your best to name your brand and your product with words commonly used by your target market. This way, they will organically appear in search results, and when people talk about the product online, others will get a clear idea of its benefits right away—and those conversations will show up in search results, too.
  3. Optimise Your Product’s Title. Use at least one keyword near the beginning or your product’s title when you post it for sale.
  4. Use Keywords in the Description. In the description, or the portion of the listing where you’re given more space to explain the purpose and benefits of your product, be sure to use your selected keywords, as well as categories and synonyms. The idea is to be clear and descriptive, whilst including all the terms you think your ideal buyers will use to find this product.
  5. Caption and Describe Photos. Include high-quality photos of your product with every listing AND include keywords in the captions and descriptions for every photo. This will ensure that when your ideal buyers are searching, your product will have a better chance of being indexed.
  6. Take Full Advantage of Tags. No matter if you’re publishing a blog post or posting a product for sale, you will be given the opportunity to include tags. Always use as many as is allowed, and again, use the words that people will use to search for your product, solve their problem or relieve their pain.
  7. Maximise Esthetics. Consumers shop online much like they shop in-store: Their attention will go to the most vivid, eye-catching posts first. Think colour. Think crisp images. Think beautiful shots. Think words that will mean a lot to your ideal buyer. Every time someone clicks to view your product, its search engine rankings will improve. So get that click, to get more sales now and in the future.
  8. Share on Social Media. Having the best-performing products often comes down to how traffic is driven to those products. Share your products and their case studies on your social media pages and in groups (where applicable). Incentivise people to share and like your product posts with free giveaways. Get people talking the way people talk today—on social media.

Your product is only as good as the hands it’s in: So let’s work to get your products into all the right hands. I can help. Simply contact me for more information and options regarding online selling, promotion, marketing and more or comment below.

Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.