Getting to Know your Customer Avatar

You have created the profile for your ideal client; the person who is your dream customer, and who needs the solution you’re offering more than anyone. This profile is also known as your Customer Avatar, and in order to get the best possible results from your marketing, you’re going to have to get to know that avatar inside and out.

Why? Do you marry someone because you love them and stop? Do you befriend someone because you think they’re fun and then never speak again? Of course not! Now is the time to really dig deep; to get to know the inner workings of your customer avatar so you can flex your brand as their needs change, to serve them more fully, each and every day.

How can you accomplish that and what should you do with it?

You’re about to find out.

Your Avatar: the Long-Term Relationship

Your customer avatar, for all intents and purposes, is just like a living, breathing human. That’s because he or she represents the actual people who need your brand, and they’re not one-dimensional, nor are they stagnant.

Sure, there are some things about them that will never change. And there are other things that will, depending on market trends, changes in personal and professional situations, shifts in the pain they’re experiencing and new problems that arise.

You do have a lot in common with your ideal customer (and your customer avatar); however, you are not in the same place they are right now. They are much more like you were years ago, before you discovered how to relieve the pain they’re now experiencing. So, you know how they feel; however, you may not know what they’re dealing with in conjunction with that pain, based on their surroundings and more contemporary problems.

So, how can you find out? And stay on top of shifts?

You’re going to have to get in there; to experience every day in the life of your ideal client.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Connect with your ideal clients on social media. This doesn’t have to be every one of them; however, a few loyal customers, along with a few you’d like to have on-board will do. Take note to the things they’re dissatisfied with, as well as to what makes them happy. Learn their language (e.g. common phrases they use).
  • Join forums about your industry. You’ve got to get yourself into circles where your ideal clients are talking about the state of your industry. Again, pay close attention to what they’re satisfied with and what they think is lacking.
  • Create opportunities to meet them in person. The best way to get to know your target market is to meet members in person, so you can interact on a fundamental human level. So many points are lost in online communications; you need those non-verbals, too.
  • Publish a poll. You will come to a fork in the road many times during the course of running your business. In some cases, your experience in your industry and your work with your target market will tell you which way to go. In many cases, getting the opinion of the people who matter most to your brand is crucial. They’re in there, experiencing the pains and the joys. You’ve built this business for them, and they should have a stake in how it serves them. So ask your questions and prepare to be surprised by what you learn.

Keep up with your ideal clients’ movements. This isn’t something I recommend doing as needed, but rather, on a consistent basis.

And what should you do with the information you gather?

  • Tailor content. Now that you know your target market better than the back of your hand, you can write online content like you’re speaking directly to them. Each one will feel that you’ve crafted each piece specifically for them, and then…you’re in!
  • Involve them. There’s no better way to make potential and loyal customers alike feel vested in your business than to cause them to feel they have a stake in it. Ask them to help you name your new product. Ask for user-generated content on your social media pages. And do it all with full knowledge of what, specifically, will pique their interest.
  • Market to them. When you know precisely what you’re trying to accomplish, and for whom, your marketing campaigns will no longer feel random and hopeful, but targeted and assured.
  • Serve them. Now that you know your ideal client inside and out, you can stop pummelling them with sales pitches and serve them with exactly what they need right now…meaning that you can focus less on sales and more on working directly with the right people, doing what you love.

I can tell you from experience: Working with your dream clients is unlike anything else. They appreciate the work you do, they don’t grumble about prices and they tell others about all the great things you’re doing for them. Transactions and communication seem effortless, and the values you hold dear are cherished by them, too.

There’s really only one way to connect with those people who will make your business a joy to run: you have to know whom you want to bring on-board, and then you have to connect with them in a way that makes your brand the answer they’ve been waiting for.

Do you still have to create your customer avatar? Obviously, that needs to be done before you can get to know him or her on a deeper level. That’s why I’ve put the procedure for Creating Your Customer Avatar in writing for you on our Fempire blog.

If you’d like a step-by-step process on developing your avatar, then watch my Identifying Your Target Market Course, with full workbook, in the Fempire Academy. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up here.