How to Fall in Love with Selling

In order to stay in business, you have to make sales.

You know that.

What you don’t know is how to become more comfortable with the idea of selling.

You’re a business owner, but firstly, you’re a woman. We don’t like to ask for things. By nature, we are givers, and asking for that sale can feel like something we’re just not made to do.

That’s all true, and your feelings on the subject are absolutely valid. However, you can learn to love selling. You can feel eager to pick up that phone or knock on that door. You can feel like you’re brimming over with excitement every time you meet with a prospective client. You can believe, in your heart, that the deal you have to offer is more giving than receiving.

Here are some pieces of advice for accomplishing that:

  • Focus on Helping, not just Selling. In everything you do, strive to help people improve their lives. Maybe you can do that with your expertise, with your product or service, or with compassion. No matter how you help others, remember that selling doesn’t have to be ‘sales speak.’ It can be accomplished through service (which is, by the way, something you love to do).
  • See Every Meeting as a New Connection. You are a woman. This means that, at your core, you love bringing people together and nurturing deep, meaningful relationships. Approach every sales opportunity as a new chance to create a memory, to make a friend, to be the difference someone needs…and all of a sudden, it no longer feels like work.
  • Put the Prospective Client First. I mentioned earlier that most of us don’t like to ask for the sale. Why? Because that makes the sale all about us. And we don’t operate that way. We do things for others. We sacrifice. We give. And that makes up happy. So, it would make sense to shift your thinking about sales, too. Focus on how you’re going to positively impact someone’s life, and when you finally do get around to asking for that sale, it will feel more like offering your services.
  • Learn to See Rejection in a New Light. It’s true: in general, we tend to handle rejection better than men can. That doesn’t, however, mean that rejection is painless. It can hamper our progress by convincing us that we’re just not good enough. It’s time to stop that kind of thinking. Start viewing every rejection as a way of saving you from bad deals and client you’re not meant to work with. Take a lesson from each failure, so you can learn to save time and effort in the future. Start thinking this way, and you’ll see every NO as a step closer to the most important YESes.
  • Follow Up on your Sales. One of the best ways to gain confidence and keep up your excitement for selling is to keep track of those you’ve helped and see, for yourself, the positive effects you’ve had on their lives. Ask them how they’re doing. Take a genuine interest in their progress. Share their stories. And, in your heart, take credit for changing their lives. There’s no better fuel for pushing forward, with joy.

From this point onward, selling no longer has to be on the dark side of your vocabulary. It can be the reason you jump out of bed in the morning. It can be the reason you have a smile on your face throughout the day. And it can be the reason you go to bed feeling fulfilled and valuable.

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Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.