Incorporate Brand Personality into Social Media

If you’ve been feeling less-than-enough in the realm of social media marketing, or building your brand with social media, you’re not alone. Most business owners cite a need for a more enhanced, more branded, social media presence…but they’re just not sure how to create that.

We have the answer to that problem, and we’re going to start with anthropomorphism.

How’s that for a big word?

It might sound quite technical, but really, it’s something that most of us engage in every day. Also known as personification, it is the subconscious assignment of human traits and emotions to things.

What does this have to do with social media? You’ll see.

Social Media, Better with Personality

We all see our brands (and other brands) as living, breathing entities that convey emotions and have certain tendencies. They have been built this way. They are rooted in a set of corporate values that give them their flavour, and this is ultimately what will attract your ideal clients to your brand.

Your brand has a personality. It is relatable to your ideal customers. It has traits that make it highly recognisable. It causes people to feel certain emotions and it functions in its own unique way.

If your brand is rich with personality, it’s on its way to market leadership; but you’re not done yet. Your next challenge is to accurately and powerfully convey that personality to the all the right people…through social media.

No personality is valuable when it’s locked up. It must be shared, and used as a magnet for those followers who will appreciate it and share it.

Here are some tips for using social media to propagate your brand’s personality (and using your brand personality to build a better social media presence):

  • Brand your Pages. Your brand identity has been created to convey your brand’s history, values, vision, mission, story and purpose, and these powerful visuals should dominate your social media pages. No templates. No stock images. Just brand colours, your logo, photos of your team members and customers, and other visuals that will convey your brand’s unique personality.
  • Use Branded Language. When your brand speaks, readers and listeners should immediately be able to identify the words as coming from your brand. Industry terms and keyword phrases are important; however, it can’t end there. Your branded language should have a cadence, tone and lengthiness all its own. If your brand is funny, empathetic, energetic, thoughtful, mindful, comforting…then your language should convey this, at all times. So set the tone, share it with every team member who will be speaking on behalf of your brand, and employ these principles on all social media pages.
  • Share those things that Define your Brand. Every business should host activities and events that exude its brand personality. Through the use of social media, it’s your job to make sure all of your followers get to share in these events and come to see them as exclusive to your brand. Share photos, live video…and bring your brand to life.
  • Share things that Reinforce Brand Perceptions. Whether it’s a photo or an article, everything you share on your social media pages should prove a beneficial belief that people have about your brand. Use what you share to reinforce desirable brand perceptions, and others to dispel false assumptions. This practice, over time, will help to broadcast your brand’s personality.

This is just the beginning of how you can incorporate your brand’s personality into your social media pages. As you move forward, take notice to what most engages your ideal clients. Also note how people respond: if they’re experiencing emotions that are integral to conversion, or they’re restating brand personality traits that you’re attempting to build, then continue on in that direction. Continually evolve what you’re posting and sharing to reinforce the perceptions that will further your brand.

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Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.