Intuition: Junk Science or Business Partner?

You’ve heard of people following a gut feeling, a hunch or women’s intuition. And maybe you’ve considered it to be little more than junk “science”—no different than clairvoyance or psychic powers.

Until you witnessed the power of intuition for yourself…either through your own experience or that of someone else. Suddenly, you wondered, Could this be real? Have I been missing out on an opportunity to improve by business and my life?

The answer to both of these questions is YES. Intuition is absolutely real, and if you’re not using it to build your business and enhance your life, you’re missing out.


Intuition: What is it?

Intuition is the outcome of the conscious mind’s tapping into the resources of the subconscious. Every minute, your subconscious mind is picking up external cues, storing that information and learning lessons from it. That information is holed away, apart from your conscious mind…until a stressful, dangerous or time-sensitive situation arises. In that moment, your consciousness defers to your subconscious mind and you’ll get a vision, a feeling…something that points you in the direction of a decision or a right/wrong sensation.

Intuition is often called women’s intuition; however, there’s nothing stopping men from developing it, too. Historically, women spent more time watching children, searching for food, building relationships…and therefore developed their intuition through those observational tasks. Every human has the ability to be intuitive; this ability simply needs to be developed and exercised, for your own benefit.


Intuition: What can it do for you?

We’ve long celebrated (even if secretly) the power and reliability of intuition. We’ve even come to trust it. So it seems like a good thing for both men and women to have, right? There’s probably no argument there; however, most of us are not aware of the full list of benefits that come with total surrender to the power of our own intuitiveness.

Here’s what anyone who develops and exercises their own intuition can expect:

  • Creativity: Historically, the most successful businesspeople have been those with the ability to think differently than other market leaders. Studying data alone will never result in originality. Instead, creative business decisions powered by intuition are the ones that differentiate.
  • Stress Reduction: Pivotal decisions and time crunches can lead to stress. However, when you develop your intuition and learn to rely on it, even the most important decisions can be “no sweat.”
  • Courage: Once you start to trust your intuition (based on past success), you will find that you’re more likely to take chances and step out of your comfort zone. As we all know, the most productive business leaders are risk-takers. What many don’t realize is that most of them are intuitive risk-takers.
  • Exploration: Following data alone can lead to a tunnel-vision approach to business. When you tap into intuition, you will feel confident enough to move in a number of different directions, and as result, you will experience a variety of benefits from a variety of sources.
  • Noncompliance: Think this isn’t a benefit? Think again. The intuitive person will be provoked into action by statements like “It can’t be done.” Why? Because intuition supports the type of innovative thinking that will open uncharted pathways, proving that it can be done if it’s done differently than ever before.
  • Willingness to Walk Away: A strictly cerebral thinker is less likely to abandon a dead-end path than a cerebral/intuitive thinker. Because the cerebral-only thinker is focused on external goals, they will feel more commitment to a “promise” than to finding a path that feels right—and therefore IS right.
  • Trend-Setting: Most people would rather create trends than follow them. This cannot be accomplished by simply “following the book.” It can, however, be accomplished when you “follow your gut.”
  • Full-View Outlook: When intuition is used in conjunction with cerebral thinking, a full perspective results. This means that you’ll be well-equipped to compete with both cerebral and intuitive business people. You will see more opportunities, and will be more creative in pursuing them.
  • Team-Focussed: Intuitive people don’t just make better decisions about situations; they also become great judges of character, and can therefore choose the BEST players for their teams. This leads to trust in their associates, a willingness to ask for help, the modelling of intuitive behaviour for their team…and a collective movement toward the highest good.

Hopefully by now you understand the benefits of using your intuition. In my next blog I will cover some of the things I have personally done to increase my intuition plus other strategies that have been recommended to me over the years. If you are looking to increase your intuition my article may be a great place to start. It is well worth your time, energy and effort believe me.

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