Intuition: The Sixth Business Sense

You’ve heard of women’s intuition. You’ve probably experienced it, too. But what is it, really? Is it some kind of magic? Or psychic power?

Intuition feels like a snap decision; like an emotion that comes bubbling up from nowhere, warning you of danger or pushing you toward making the right choices. We may not know precisely where it comes from; however, we do know that it’s an impulse that cannot be discounted. Science has yet to conclusively qualify it; however, business leaders don’t need any type of scientific ‘proof’ to know that intuition is an invaluable tool in sound decision making.

There aren’t a lot of people who will ‘buy’ the idea that intuition is real, or that it can be relied upon when making business decisions. I, on the other hand, maintain that it’s not only real, it’s the most important business tool you have available to you.

But is this gift reserved only for women? Women do have powerful observational abilities, stemming from our duties as sole family caretakers millions of years ago.  We were required to not only look after children, but to be keenly aware of danger at all times. Over the centuries, intuition came to be known as a female trait, and even now that our central roles have expanded to include much more than caretaking, we still value our intuition. However, we tend to forget that men have the power of intuition at their disposal, too. You see, because women have traditionally been viewed as caretakers, we have been encouraged to use our intuition—to recognise it and exercise it. Men, on the other hand, are encouraged to think in a linear fashion, to look for proof in all things and make decisions based on facts. Their intuition, in large part, has become selectively dormant.

Because a large part of effective leadership is based on decision making, intuition should be playing a significant role in the everyday tasks associated with running a business. Those butterflies in the stomach, or that little voice in your head saying “don’t do it” need to be acknowledged, and here are just a few areas in which they should be guiding you:

  • hiring
  • task delegation
  • client acquisition
  • affiliate agreements
  • marketing
  • customer relations
  • partnerships
  • communications
  • conflict resolution
  • team member relations

Does this mean that all decisions in these areas (and more) need to no longer be based on facts? That research doesn’t matter? And that only your ‘gut feeling’ is necessary? No, I’m not suggesting that at all.

As always, you must do your homework. You must adopt the information you uncover as guiding truth in your quest to build your business; however, when there’s a question about which way to turn, or which person to go with, your intuition should never be ignored.

I hope this gives you the nudge you need to take that leap—to start learning to rely on your intuition to guide you through the important decisions you’ll need to make as you lead yourself and your team to success.

As always, I am available to you, should you need answers or guidance in the areas of business, leadership, branding or marketing and of course intuition! Simply click here to get in touch.

Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.