Is Personal Branding Right for You?

You’ve probably heard of corporate branding, but have you discovered the value of personal branding? More and more, business owners are being challenged to step out from behind their brands – to show their faces, their personalities, and their values.

Personal Branding

The business owners who are exercising their personal branding muscles are being rewarded with increased brand awareness and unprecedented brand loyalty.

The social media culture is largely responsible for this personal branding movement. In the past, everyone knew their local butcher and petrol station owner; in fact, many of us still do. We want to know our real estate agents, builders, car dealers, plumbers, IT professionals, and health care providers for WHO they are, not just for WHAT they can deliver.

The difference is that now, big corporations are expected to push their CEOs to the front sides of their logos, too. More than ever, consumers are demanding to learn about what drives the individuals behind the brands. People buy into people far more often than they purchase products and services.

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, might be head-honcho number two after Mark Zuckerberg, but she’s taken on a far more visible role than the CEO. While Zuckerberg focusses on products and engineering, Sandberg is commander-in-chief of all things advertising at Facebook and is responsible for generating revenue. Why is she so successful? Of course, the answer is a multi-faceted one, but her success is due in part to her freelance, and highly visible, personal promotion outside of the office. Her book, Lean In, has sold more than a million copies. She is an icon of feminism, politics, business, and pop culture. Her personal branding efforts have benefited her – but that’s not all. They’ve done immeasurable good for the Facebook brand.

Personal branding is alive and well in Perth, too. SMEs headed by personal branding gurus like John Hughes and Bob Jane have experienced profound success. These professionals have spoken – and their ideal clients are listening.

Is personal branding right for you? The short answer is “Yes.” The longer answer is “Yes, let’s talk about it.”

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