It’s Time to get Personal

What if I told you that you could double your company’s profit by adding one simple thing to your marketing plan? What if I introduced a no-nonsense method for building your expert status, others’ trust in you, and your brand—all at once?

Well, brace yourself, because here it is:

Personal Branding. Today’s marketing landscape demands that you market YOU.

Gone are the days when CEOs could hide behind their corporate brands’ logos. Thanks in large part to the social media movement, consumers are now demanding to know more about what they’re buying, and to an even greater extent, who they’re buying it from. If the person behind the brand is not in the public eye, consumers will seek out that person – in an attempt to make a connection, and to determine if there’s an emotional reason to make that purchase.

With that in mind, wouldn’t you agree that it would be best to come out from behind that logo, to start the conversation on your terms, and to therefore maintain a degree of control in the exchanges that occur? By introducing yourself and then allowing your personality to shine through, you will not only be satisfying a consumer need, you will be flexing your expert muscles and establishing the trust factor that’s necessary for building a brand.

How can you get out there and build your personal brand? Here are a few suggestions, mined from my own personal branding experiences:

  • Blog: Writing blog articles gives you the opportunity to impart information that you know your ideal client will find valuable. It’s also a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Regularly add new articles, filled with relevant and useful information, in order to build an audience that is interested in learning more about you and your brand.
  • Tweet: I suppose there are a number of you who would rather not be swept up in the culture of Twitter, but the numbers don’t lie: with 2.1 billion Twitter searches every day, there are endless opportunities to make personal connections with brand-building benefits.
  • Facebook: Facebook status updates and comments are great ways to engage and connect using branded language that gives your target audience insights into your personal and corporate values and preferences.
  • LinkedIn: With a complete and robust LinkedIn profile and informative articles posted there regularly, your personal networking capabilities will be expanded.
  • Instagram and Pinterest: If creativity is part of your personal brand, you’re sure to benefit from the visual branding opportunities offered by these social media platforms.
  • Website: Whether you devote an About page to your personal brand on your corporate website or you establish your very own personal website, an online space dedicated to YOU will work to further your personal brand and build your corporate brand.

How can I feel so confident that personal branding works? Because I fought not to do it for years. It’s confronting, you are literally putting yourself out there for public comment. It took me years to step out from behind the Emote logo, and when I finally did it, it made a huge difference to my business as well as my causes and my power of influence.

I found I could make a far greater difference in the world in front of my logo, using my name to reach the people I wanted to work with and help. And my business expanded from there—with a time investment equal to that of any other sales/marketing effort and a price tag that’s better than a bargain.

It’s been an exciting (sometimes terrifying) journey, that I am happy to share with you, if you are exploring personal branding, just get in touch.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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