Leading from the Feminine

You’ve heard leadership advice that starts, leading from the front, leading from the shadows, leading from within, leading from the middle, leading from the edge…however, it seems that some of the best contemporary leadership advice is coming in the form of Leading from the Feminine.

It’s no longer surprising to see a woman in a leadership position; in fact, it’s becoming a desirable feature. But let’s get something straight: it’s not because she’s a female in form, but rather because she embodies the traits that we have come to expect from great leaders (whether those leaders are men or women).

Leadership Traits, as Demonstrated by Women

Human Resources managers, staffing companies, recruiting organisations…have been pouring over statistics for decades, in an effort to determine what qualities are demonstrated by the world’s most effective leaders. And in recent years, they have come to one simple conclusion: The traits most integral to effectual leadership are biologically integral to the female brain.

Studies have proven that women excel in the following areas, all of which are crucial to upper management and entrepreneurial positions:

  • Audacious Risk-Taking
  • Instinctive Interpretation of Body Language, Tone, and Inflection
  • Assertiveness
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Persuasion
  • Inclination toward Volunteerism
  • Desire for Community/Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Empathy
  • Willingness to Ask for Help
  • Flexibility
  • Responsiveness to Urgent Situations
  • Focussed Listening Skills
  • Willingness to Share Rewards
  • Attention to Future Possibilities, more than Past History
  • Willingness to Admit Mistakes
  • Resiliency Following Failure
  • Innate Understanding of Importance of First Impressions and Appearance
  • Creativity in Problem Solving—with a Focus on Looking In-Organisation First
  • Passion for the Chosen Vocation
  • Reliance on own Personal Power above all Else

So, what exactly does it mean to Lead from the Feminine? Does it mean that every leader should be a woman? Does it mean that men have been getting it wrong for centuries? Of course not. It simply means that we all have, at our immediate access, a collection of role models from which to mine our most important principals—and principles.

We have a largely untapped community of born-motivators, ready to willingly and unselfishly serve with dedication and empathy that has, until recently, been undervalued as a foremost leadership quality.

So let’s hear it for the feminine in everyone—women, men, and now…the greatest leaders known to humankind.

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