Live Events

There is nothing like going through training and transformation in person. Marnie runs a number of intimate and informative events nationally. Please see below for topics, locations and availability.

Live workshop series

Femme-trepreneur Course

This event is truly unique
and is changing the way we show
up in business and life.

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Speaking with Confidence

Perfect for women who want to increase
their confidence whilst public speaking
and deliver their message with authority.

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Secret Women’s Business Academy

FREE 4 hour workshop
High-impact, content-rich training
to skyrocket your business to success

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Beautiful You

In this mastermind we work
on YOU and only you.
Go on a journey of discovery.

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Secrets to Selling

This mastermind covers everything
you need to know to successfully sell
online and offline

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Femme-trepreneur Course


PER: MAY 9th – 11th 2018
MEL: MAY 23rd – 25th 2018

Email for details on booking.

Do you know how to successfully package and position your business so that you make money and make a difference?

Are you operating from your authentic self in business and enjoying the freedom it creates for you, doing what you love?

Are you making the money you deserve or working really hard for little reward?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, it’s okay. You just haven’t learned yet how to position yourself in business for success. I get it. I learned how to succeed the hard way, trial and error, failure, some success, then some failure. Along the way however I was always learning, learning, learning. Mostly about myself to be honest and the limiting beliefs I had around money and success. Once I addressed those, success started to come easily to me.

In this workshop I teach you how to make money doing what you love without apology. I show you the simple marketing and business strategies I use for success. It doesn’t have to be hard! We also discover what may be holding you back in business and why you might struggle to make the money you deserve.

I believe the masculine way of doing business is outdated and redundant. It doesn’t serve women or humanity. I operate from balance and flow. It continues to serve me on so many levels and I’m excited to share with you how I do this during our time together.

I show you a new way to do business and live authentically, if you are ready to learn it then I look forward to seeing you at one of my live events.

For dates and more detailed information on the Femme-trepreneur Course, email

Speaking with Confidence Live Training


MEL: JUNE 5th – 8th 2018

Email for details on booking.

In this extremely popular 4 day workshop Marnie shares with you the fail safe tools and techniques she discovered and developed while speaking on stages globally in front of diverse audiences. Her goal is to help women to find their confidence and present with authority whilst public speaking. This workshop has been labelled transformative by attendees, truly unique and life changing. An experience to be discovered.

Public speaking 4 day intensive

Do you have a powerful message you feel might change another person’s life?

Does the thought of public speaking scare you or are you afraid you’ll put your audience to sleep?

Would you like to make money from your speaking so that you can travel the world inspiring people with your message?

Perfect! Then this may be for you.

Who this workshop is for:

  • Industry Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Trainers
  • Any woman looking to discover her voice and increase her confidence!

A Snapshot of What You’ll Learn at This Live Training

  • Masterful message, packaging and positioning – basically learning how to bundle your IP in a way that’s valuable and irresistible to your perfect market
  • Confidence – faking it until you believe it or become it… Every single well known expert in any industry has used this almost counter intuitive strategy, we’ll show you how to embrace it as well
  • How to engage your audience – it’s one thing to speak to people from stage, it’s another to captivate, inspire and move them to your call to action and we’ll teach you the magic of it all
  • Communicating authentically with authority – there’s a right and wrong way to present from stage, you’ll be taught how to come from a place of total integrity and convey your status as the go-to expert in your field
  • Creating raving fans – the importance of building a following who pursue your content and knowledge long past the event they see you inspire at
  • Becoming comfortably uncomfortable – the secret to any growth is learning to seek experiences that force you to grow
  • Presenting without putting your audience to sleep is a balance of charisma, powerful content and precise delivery and we’re going to help you to find that balance within yourself
  • How to manage your nerves – surefire strategies to dropping into your heart and presenting with authority instead of throwing up or running from the room
  • The things you should never do… There is elements to presenting that can make or break your performance and ability to deliver with power, we’ll show you how not to break it
  • Selling and closing from stage with heart – how to create and nail a pitch from stage that doesn’t come across as ‘salesy’ and instead increases your value in the eyes of the audience, making you money in return many times over

If you are interested to see if you are right for this workshop and you would like to speak at leading events, then email your contact number and Marnie will call you personally to see if you qualify for the program.

“I stepped entirely out of my comfort zone this weekend. I have been pushed to the brink, and made to realise amazing things. Public speaking is one of my deepest fears, and something I’ve been very good at avoiding. I’ve spent 3 days with the ever talented Marnie LeFevre learning to speak from the stage with confidence. I hated it because I was so uncomfortable, but I will never regret doing it. The start of a new adventure. Lesson of the day, if you have a fear, face it. And do it with gusto. Don’t let fear be a weakness, make it a strength.”
Katrina Treanor – Director | Business Support Specialist

“Would you please let Marnie know that this workshop has helped me in many ways. I have since spoken at a conference at the Crown Casino for Science research and I entered a 3MT competition (this is where researchers have 3 minutes to pitch their 30 000 word thesis. In a creative way! ) I am pleased to say that I am now in the Grand Final this Wednesday. Regardless of the outcome I am thankful to Marnie for the confidence she has helped me to find with public speaking.” 
Julie Sartori – School of Medical and Health Sciences | Edith Cowan University

“When I registered for the Speaking with Confidence workshop, I was looking into learning how to share my personal story with people confidently. Marnie dug deep into me to get my story out and during this time, a lot of other stuff came up. I was a mess within the first few hours. However Marnie with her blend of masculine and feminine energy held me close so that I felt safe to remove my layers of masks to bring my actual story out. In this workshop, Marnie covers every aspect of public speaking from branding, how to craft your story, being confident as a speaker and so on. This workshop delivered beyond my expectations!

The whole experience didn’t just develop me as a speaker in short time (prior to the launch of my Strive and Thrive campaign), but it also gave me a safe environment to begin my healing journey. You could go elsewhere if you wish to learn to be a podium speaker, but if you want to tell your story in an authentic way and touch others and make a difference to their lives, then you will be sorry if you do not choose the Speaking with Confidence workshop with Marnie LeFevre.”
Norita C.O. – Founder and Speaker | Strive and Thrive

For dates and more detailed information on Speaking with Confidence, email

Secret Women’s Business Academy


PER: Thursday MARCH 8th 2018
SYD: Tuesday MARCH 13th 2018
MEL: Wednesday MARCH 14th 2018
ADE: Thursday MARCH 15th 2018

Email for details on booking.

“Award-Winning entrepreneur and APAC CEO of the year, Marnie LeFevre, shares her proven business system that helps women make more money and make a difference doing what they LOVE!”

Here’s just part of what you’ll learn at this live training:

1. MARKETING AND SALES Learn how to generate more sales, work with better clients and charge higher prices for your products and services.  During this half-day workshop, we will teach the key strategies behind amplifying your leads and sales 10x with marketing funnels and automation tools that allow you to make money while you sleep and better leverage your time!

2. FROM CLOSET TO CEO – Learn how Marnie LeFevre started her business from her closet (literally, she has photos as proof!) and grew it into an award-winning company with inspired employees and a beautiful office location – and then went on to build successful business all over the world!  With the right systems in place within your business, you can scale through the glass ceilings holding you back to achieve sustainable and scalable growth to truly make a difference doing what you love!

3. MINDSET Marnie will reveal how you can truly find your voice in business and life and get “cashed up and confident” to overcome any obstacles in the way of your success. Know that there is a woman out there willing to support you all the way, no matter what it takes. Marnie promotes the “women supporting women” mentality because there are so few women with her level of experience in business that she feels this is her true calling… to support other women in business to truly be the most successful, confident versions of themselves!

NOTE: This event is 4 hours of jam-packed business enhancing strategies for ALL types of businesses. If you own a business, or are thinking about starting one, you can use this information!

This is a content-rich workshop full of unique, step-by-step content that you can use straight away to rapidly grow your business. You’ll learn exactly what you need to BOOST your productivity, revenue, and efficiency in your business.

We restrict the number of seats for this event to make sure each attendee has the best experience possible, so be sure to RSVP to secure your seat.


Why is this event free? What’s the catch?
There is no catch, this half-day business training is absolutely free. We’re confident you will learn excellent business tools you can implement straight away in your business to start achieving results. Following this 4-hour workshop, we also have paid trainings and ongoing business growth programs to help support and educate you in your business. This free event gives you an opportunity to meet Marnie and see firsthand what a difference she can make in your life and business growth!

Who is this event for?
Quite simply, this event is perfect for anyone who has a business or is looking to start one. If you’re an author, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, seasoned business owner or executive – this half-day workshop is the right place for you. You will learn invaluable tools and strategies to action immediately (crafted from decades of experience), in addition to meeting other business women from the community to network with. It only costs you half a day of your time and the potential outcomes you may achieve as a result are limitless.

What should I bring?
Your beautiful self, a notepad/pen, a smile and a positive, can-do attitude.

Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely! Please make sure to send her the link to register.

Can I bring a man?
We love men, however this is an event especially for women, so we recommend you invite a girlfriend instead.

For dates and more detailed information on the Secret Women’s Business Academy, email

Beautiful You


MEL: SEPTEMBER 13th – 14th 2018

Email for details on booking.

In this mastermind we work on YOU and only you. It is all about personal growth, energy, discovering what you want and stepping into your authentic beautiful self – without apology.

Marnie takes you on a journey of discovery – there will be tears, celebrations and ah-ha moments.

This course has been described as truly life changing from the women who have been brave enough to face their beauty – in all its forms.

For dates and more detailed information on Beautiful You, email

Secrets to Selling


MEL: SEPTEMBER 11th – 12th 2018

Email for details on booking.

This mastermind covers everything you need to know to successfully sell online and offline.

From Facebook marketing to face to face selling, Marnie shares all of the tools and strategies you’ll need to succeed straight away.

In feedback regarding this training, past participants shared that they had been able to increase their bottom line and gain new clients almost immediately.

For dates and more detailed information on Secrets to Selling, email