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Boost Your SEO: DIY Tips

DIY SEO. What does that double acronym mean to you? Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimisation, for sure. However, what's beyond that?

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Get Your Product Found Online: 8 Tips

You've created a fabulous product. You've designed an informative website and supporting social media pages. A number of ecommerce sites have agreed to sell your product and you've market tested it with great results.

And now, you wait.

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Build Confidence for Business and Life

You're a female entrepreneur who wants to compete at the front of the pack, who understands the value of breaking barriers, of staying relevant and of doing things first and doing them better.

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Reflecting on my 2017 – what a ride…

Reflecting on 2017 I have to admit, although it was a whirlwind of a year that pushed every boundary I had, we certainly achieved amazing things.

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Find Your Business Purpose

Any woman can start a business.
It takes a special woman to build a successful business.
Which prompts the question: What separates the triumphs from the failures?

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Market Research on a Budget

You're a female entrepreneur with an idea for a small business or a new product. It's something you can really get behind—something you love to do.

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Facebook Live

Top Tips for Facebook Live

Live video is the latest and greatest in social media engagement. Not only can a female business owner demonstrate her authenticity and humanity through live streaming video, she can engage her audience in real time and save the recordings for viewing later.

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How to Fall in Love with Selling

In order to stay in business, you have to make sales. You know that.

What you don't know is how to become more comfortable with the idea of selling.

You're a business owner, but firstly, you're a woman. We don't like to ask for things. By nature, we are givers, and asking for that sale can feel like something we're just not made to do.

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Women in Business: The Great Behavioural Shift

Few areas you can start to work on in order to shift your thinking and your behaviour to reflect the natural qualities that women have and teams need...

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