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Tips on Speaking from Stage with Confidence

Speaking with confidence is about you BEING YOU - people buy people.
If you don't turn up as your authentic self then your audience will know.

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using your intuition in business

Intuition: Junk Science or Business Partner?

You’ve heard of people following a gut feeling, a hunch or women’s intuition. And maybe you’ve considered it to be little more than junk “science”—no different than clairvoyance or psychic powers.

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emotional intelligence

The Most Successful Men Have This

The description of a successful man is changing, and those changes aren’t just based on preference—they’re based on the real-life stories...

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11 Reasons Why You Should be Blogging

What’s that? You say you don’t have a blog?
Perhaps you hold the belief that blogs are self-serving exercises for those who want to make their businesses seem more exciting?

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Why a Niche is Nice

As you build your business model, you will invariably come upon a choice: Should I serve a large industry or a niche?

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You Have a Client Avatar, Right?

As you begin to develop and market your brand, it can be enticing to take the easy route—to market to a broad audience.

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Vulnerability — Does it belong in the Workplace?

Human beings are, by nature, vulnerable. We make mistakes, we worry, we fail, and we all have flaws that we carry as burdens for our lifetimes.

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Leading from the feminine

Leading from the Feminine

You’ve heard leadership advice that starts, leading from the front, leading from the shadows, leading from within, leading from...

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Starting a business

Starting a Business: a Secret To-Do List

The desire to be an entrepreneur puts you in an exclusive class—one that will require long, grueling hours and the desire...

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