The Power of Public Speaking, and how you can get it

As a business woman and entrepreneur, you have found your quiet power in one-on-one, highly personalised business relationships. You have changed lives, one person at a time.

And now, it’s time for the reach of your influence to expand. It’s time to take your expertise to larger numbers of people, and to change lives…10, 100 or 1,000 at a time.

Public speaking is the next step in your journey to seize command of your industry.

What’s that? You’re not ready? You don’t enjoy speaking in front of groups of people? And your fear is too much to overcome?

You are grossly underestimating your personal and professional power.

The National Institute of Mental Health tells us that 74% of people suffer from Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking.

This is great news!


Because approximately three-fourths of your competition have been virtually eliminated from the level of success that public speaking can bring.

You’re going to overcome any fear of public speaking you may have—unlike the majority of your competitors—because you are about to learn of the massive number of benefits that come with public speaking. And as a result, you’re going to move out of your comfort (i.e. stagnant) zone and sweep your industry with influence, connection and your life-changing story.

Public Speaking, a Business Woman’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

No one knows better than you how words can change a day, a business or a life. You have exercised the power of language with your clients, on an individual basis. The words that you’ve used—the ways in which you’ve spoken—have established your branded voice; the one that is not only highly effective, but unique to you.

Think back on the times you’ve told your story…and how it has affected those listening to it. When you tell your story, you’re telling people why you’ve chosen to serve them, how you’re qualified to do so…and you’re endearing them to you because you’re expressing your values and showing them what they have in common with you and how you can make their lives better.

This storytelling voice is the one you will use at public speaking engagements, to bring the essence of your brand to your audience. There will be no faking it. The real YOU will be the one who speaks to an audience of one or one-thousand. Sure, there are intricacies to the art of public speaking, but if you adhere to this standard, you will succeed.

Not convinced? Here are a few ways that you, a female business leader, will benefit from public speaking:

  • Verbal communication is a uniquely human gift, meaning that when we speak to one another, we are connecting as humans, on a highly personal level. This is especially significant in this age of digital communication.
  • Women are master communicators; born experts in the field of language. This means you already have an edge over the competition.
  • Public speaking allows you to connect, on a personal level, with a large number of people. This increases efficiency, reduces overhead and increases profit.
  • Every time you speak to a crowd, you’re feeding your self-esteem and sense of capability. This overflows into other areas of business, so that you’ll feel even more equipped to serve and compete.
  • By booking public speaking engagements, you are demonstrating your ability to compete in male-dominated industries. Female leaders have made great strides, but let’s face it, you’re going to turn heads when you get in front of a crowd to speak as an expert in your field.
  • Public speaking affords more opportunities for promoting and selling your product(s).
  • Building your network is a given with public speaking. Not only are you reaching people with your story, you’re taking the occasion to mingle with your ideal clients before and after your presentation.
  • Speaking to a group of people builds trust. When you present your story, experiences and advice from the heart, you are viewed as authentic and trustworthy.

This is just a sampling of the benefits that come along with public speaking. When you speak with one person, you’re changing a life. When you speak to a room, you’re potentially changing each and every life contained there…plus the ones they share your message with after the event, and those they recommend for your next speaking event.

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Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.