In late 2017 I attended a 4 hour seminar to listen to Marnie LeFevre. Attending this 4 hour seminar has made such a difference to me moving forward with not only my business but also understanding more about who I am as a person.

When I attended Fempreneur, I knew everything about Accounting and Bookkeeping from years of working in the corporate sector but I had little understanding of how to build a business. I learnt so much at Fempreneur and knew by the end of the 3 day course that working with Marnie was how I was going to achieve the next stage of my career. I have been working with Marnie ever since and she has pushed me way out of my comfort zone and for this I am very grateful. Attending “Speaking with Confidence” has been one of the highlights for me as it taught me so much and it helped me build the confidence to share my passion of teaching small business owners financial literacy. Marnie’s ability to articulate her knowledge to ensure we gain as much experience, knowhow and education as possible is testament to her passion for improving the business lives of women.

Marnie’s support also extends to “The  Fempire Academy“. There are so many resources in the Academy and it’s a relief to know that there is somewhere to go to learn and educate yourself.

Thank you Marnie for believing in the strength and the gifts women have to offer their communities.


I’ve known Marnie since June 2015 when I started coaching with her. I had been in ‘start up’ mode for a couple of years running workshops, retreats and seeing clients one on one. Through Marnie’s guidance, mentoring and coaching I took my business from $0 to six figures in 12 months. If you are serious about creating a successful business to enable you to impact as many beautiful people as possible, Marnie is the coach for you. You will learn very quickly that she is not your run of the mill business coach, drawing on her intuitive gifts and spirituality, she is the complete package. I would highly recommend Marnie as your business coach.

I made a decision that has changed my life in so many delightful ways. That decision was to value myself and to engage a business coach. Upon meeting Marnie LeFevre I instinctively knew that I wanted to work with her.

It has been amazing. When I started to believe in the gift that I have to offer humanity, when I stopped being afraid of sales and started to see it as helping others, when I valued how much I had already learnt and practiced in my life and work, amazing things started to happen.

What have been the results?

This weekend I have just taught my largest ever workshop. When I was concerned, Marnie would address all my fears with solutions. I have just had my largest income month in over 6 years of teaching and my business just keeps growing!

If you’re ready for accelerated growth, working out the path of your highest calling, and then being guided on the fast track to success, then I highly recommend you coach with Marnie. I am still loving this journey to self with Marnie and can’t wait to see what unfolds.

When I heard Marnie speak from stage, I was instantly drawn to her casual yet firm perspectives on ‘everything about life as a woman’. I immediately knew I was going to learn and be guided by her; she was going to help me reveal my authentic voice. I had no idea how this was going to happen though in that moment there were fireworks!

When the opportunity arose to coach with Marnie I did not hesitate to take advantage, even the “I am not good enough” tape was not playing as Marnie made me feel more than good enough.

Within the first two meetings of being in the presence of Marnie I was revealing more about myself than I ever knew, one epiphany after another. I was being challenged to really listen to my heart and put into action what it was telling me. My homework was as much about the branding of my business as it was about learning how to practice self-love. Concurrently there was a life thread emerging, a thread I had not noticed entirely: my voice, my story and my business.

During our coaching Marnie will ask questions that have me enquiring after myself. I am given permission to be true to Self and this is the only thing that matters. The value of knowing myself has flowed into my business project and mitigates most hurdles that would have ordinarily risen. Marnie’s approach to marrying business into everything about myself is seamless. I have written an entire self-development program with a creative edge that is currently in pilot trial phase.

With Marnie’s coaching I have been stripped bare and built up again. I am fulfilling dreams I forgot I had until I met her. I wake every morning knowing why I am alive. Marnie has an extraordinary superpower to help you reveal your true beauty and then share these gifts, otherwise known as a business, with the world.


Hi Marnie

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your wisdom. Thank you for being my awesome coach.


Awesome weekend. Cannot remember the last time I had such an amazing experience and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible, life-changing weekend. I think you are an amazing woman and must say that I was very impressed with observing you in action as you shared your unlimited well of wisdom  and talent. Can’t wait for next event in May.

I am on the journey ready to learn as much as I can from you Marnie – hope you are ready for me!!!!

Love Annette

When I first met Marnie I was deeply invested in a start-up business that I had convinced myself I wanted, but my gut was telling me it wasn’t right. So I took a chance and started one-on-one coaching with Marnie to help me find my purpose. After just 2 sessions of Marnie peeling back my layers of self-doubt and delving into the stories of my life that connected with my heart, she helped guide me to what I’ve always truly wanted to do. Marnie is now supporting me as I develop my product with both business advice and a lot of personal growth. My confidence and belief in myself and my business has expanded beyond my imagination in just a few months. I am so excited for what is coming next!

Marnie LeFevre inspires me to become more every day. I was at a women’s business event when I first heard Marnie speak. Listening to her infectious passion and wisdom I made up my mind – I needed this lady in my life!

Since then Marnie has been my business coach and mentor at workshops. Her holistic approach to business and passion for women’s growth and success is edifying. Marnie has changed my life on so many levels and has been a core part of my continuing growth and self development. I know Marnie will continue to be a large part of my journey and I am blessed to be able to call her my mentor and friend. 

Karis Harlon

Liz Blaxell

When I first approached Marnie about coaching me I had a few ideas around what I did and didn’t want to do in a business. In the first session Marnie helped me to consolidate these ideas and determine the actual direction I wanted to go in. Once I’d done this, everything made sense and it was a fairly straightforward, dare I say, easy process of developing my business. As I stand on the cusp of launching the business I am quietly terrified, but I know that Marnie has given me the best possible preparation for what lies ahead. Thank you so much.

Liz Blaxell


Hello Marnie,

We have had only 2 sessions but you already planted a big seed in my head. Thank you so much for making me believe that I could dream big again. Cuz this dream will strive into work in progress and may it someday turn into reality. 


When I registered for the Speaking with Confidence workshop, I was looking into learning how to share my personal story with people confidently. Marnie dug deep into me to get my story out and during this time, a lot of other stuff came up. I was a mess within the first few hours. However Marnie with her blend of masculine and feminine energy held me close so that I felt safe to remove my layers of masks to bring my actual story out. In this workshop, Marnie covers every aspect of public speaking from branding, how to craft your story, being confident as a speaker and so on. This workshop delivered beyond my expectations! The whole experience didn’t just develop me as a speaker in short time (prior to the launch of my Strive and Thrive campaign), but it also gave me a safe environment to begin my healing journey. You could go elsewhere if you wish to learn to be a podium speaker, but if you want to tell your story in an authentic way and touch others and make a difference to their lives, then you will be sorry if you do not choose the Speaking with Confidence workshop with Marnie LeFevre.

Hi Marnie,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the great branding and marketing training you provided. I applied many of the learnings from your coaching to a recent financial planning professional development presentation that I delivered around Australia. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive. So thanks again for being a great teacher and my Marketing Consigliere.


Hi Marnie,

I am forever grateful to you for motivating, encouraging and inspiring me to pursue my path and believe strongly that the universe worked its wondrous magic in getting me to your marketing workshop last year!

Believe in yourself and be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable it is so worth it!

Speaking with confidence workshop with Marnie LeFevre was fantastic. I didn’t attend the course 6 months ago because I was worried I wouldn’t be good enough and would be intimidated by women so much more successful and better than me. I was so wrong! It was the most beautiful nurturing space you could be in. Be willing to get a little uncomfortable the rewards far outweigh your fears. X


I have had two coaching sessions with Marnie to date and the impact that these sessions have had on both myself personally and my business have been incredibly positive. Each session has been full of relevant, helpful, and empowering information which Marnie gives openly and freely. Marnie’s ability to work with me to understand my unique brand and project have been part of the positiveness and usefulness of the coaching which she offers. I leave each session more focused and incredibly excited about the next and am more than happy to attend to the “homework” set. Marnie makes herself available for me at all times between each session. I can highly recommend Marnie and am more than happy to talk with any prospective clients of Marnie.

You were so generous with your time and expertise today that I had to say thank you. I learnt a lot today and now feel inspired to get out there, develop my personal brand and market myself more vigorously. I’ve noticed many people become less compassionate towards others as they get more successful and wealthy whereas you’re not like that. You have wealth and success but you were certainly giving and generous today.

Susanna Rogers

Thanks for your wise words. Super excited and glad to be chasing my dreams. In fact I just set up a meeting with a guy who’s ex-head of markets at ****** bank with access to family trusts and wealth funds – who is doing something very similar to me. I’m catching up with him next week. I never would have been able to get close to that sort of talent, wealth, power and money under the old way of doing things!! Going from strength to strength.


I stepped entirely out of my comfort zone this weekend. I have been pushed to the brink, and made to realize amazing things. Public speaking is one of my deepest fears, and something I’ve been very good at avoiding. I’ve spent 3 days with the ever talented Marnie LeFevre learning to speak from the stage with confidence. I hated it because I was so uncomfortable, but I will never regret doing it. The start of a new adventure. Lesson of the day, if you have a fear, face it. And do it with gusto. Don’t let fear be a weakness, make it a strength.


Thank you Marnie for making a safe, encouraging place for us to be but also challenging us to find the stories that matter for others to hear.

Launching The Organising School has been an epic journey and I feel thankful for having Marnie there from the beginning.

Through coaching with Marnie, I was able to map out and drill down on all the steps required to start my business.

Worth every penny!


Marnie got me on track. My consultancy went from a struggle to accountable deadlines. Within weeks I actually had clients booked in advance, this had not happened before! When Marnie suggested that I should work out how many hours I was prepared to consult per week, as I would get booked out, I laughed (on the inside) yet that’s exactly what happened. Best decision I ever made.

Hey Marnie, I just wanted to message and say thank you for the course on Saturday, it was more than I could have ever expected for me and I really appreciate it. I love the way you present, no nonsense with humour and lightness built into the lack of bullshit! It has really given me a lot to think about and I now realise that I really do have a legitimate business and I am ready to take it forward to bigger and better things now. Thanks. xxx

Lucie Dixon

I was banging my head against the walls stumbling around in the darkness trying to work out my business. 

You turned the light on in my dark room!

Charlotte Beswick


Marnie LeFevre i always come out of our sessions happy excited and ready to tackle the next task. I’m taking your advice today about the power of gentleness and sinking into my heart! 

It’s time to reveal my vulnerability. ? ? ?

Thank you for your words and encouragement. If only you knew the impact you have on me! ? ? ❤️

The clarity I have gained from you in these past meetings is invaluable. It’s really powerful when the advice and guidance given comes from source. It drops straight into the core, doesn’t get hung up or filtered or require pondering. Its relentless truth. And thank you for affirming that all we need is already here (…feed a man a fish…. teach him how to fish 🙂

Tony Curran