(by a woman who knows her stuff, and has won awards for it!)

A business and marketing book for women looking to start and grow their own business. It will show you how to MAKE MONEY and MAKE A DIFFERENCE doing what you LOVE.

“Marnie I just wanted to write to you and let you know I’ve been reading your amazing book this week and it is a LIFE CHANGER. It is SO good. I never really knew if I wanted to be a femme-trepeneur but after reading just some of your book I feel like I’ve had that lightbulb moment and have found my purpose. Thank you so much for this invaluable gift Marnie, and for all that you do to empower us women around the world!” – Tara Jayne

“Book recommendation this week: Out of the Closet by Marnie LeFevre. If you are a woman in business or wanting to be in business read this. Marnie now lives back in Perth, where I live, however she is a Marketing Dynamo and seriously great fun. Marnie was Richard Branson’s Marketing Guru before he was a ‘Sir’! Actually, regardless if you want to be in business or not – read it anyway, there are so many Pearls of Wisdom! I read a lot of business books and this one is a keeper!” – Christine Thorpe

“Just a quick message to say I recently attended your seminar at the Crown, which I love love loved! And tonight I finished your book! So just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in such wonderful ways! I have no doubt your book is going to become my bible, coming back to it time and again. Thank you!” – Hayley Scott

Written by an inspiring woman who has walked the talk and intimately understands what it takes to succeed.

  • Are you a woman who dreams of starting her own business yet you have no clue where to begin?
  • Or do you have a business that isn’t performing as well as you’d like?
  • Do you know you need to do more marketing but you are not sure what to do first?

In this book, international entrepreneur Marnie LeFevre details how she went from working for Richard Branson to growing her own marketing and branding business from her closet into a successful mainstream agency. Then after catching the business building bug Marnie went on to start, build and grow successful businesses, in many different industries, all over the world. Marnie details exactly how she did this and then shares practical mindset, planning and marketing advice for women starting or growing a business that want to make the money they deserve.

There are plenty of business books out there but few that intimately address what it takes to be a woman trying to grow your own business whilst juggling family commitments, judgement from society, family and friends and other unique challenges only women face in business. Marnie suggests that it is mostly self-judgement women suffer from trying to feel good enough because they haven’t truly accepted themselves for the beautiful women they truly are.

“We struggle to be a perfect wife, daughter, sister, mother, friend whatever category you fit into and forget to ask ourselves what we really want or worse we don’t feel it even matters.” – Marnie LeFevre

Marnie’s down to earth, “if I can do it, you can do it” mentoring will carry you along on a learning journey that will show you that because you are a woman you can do anything if you set your mind to it, believe that you can, ask for help when it’s needed and never give up on your dream.

You’ll learn how to package and position your business for entrepreneurial success through online and offline marketing strategies Marnie uses but most importantly this book acts as a guide for any woman looking for support in understanding that the entrepreneurial journey involves growing yourself too.

Topics and ‘how to’ advice Marnie addresses:

  • Self-belief
  • Value
  • Mindset
  • Women’s Intuition
  • Money
  • Planning
  • Branding including Logo
  • Goal Setting
  • Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Networking
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more
  • Blogging
  • Advertising online
  • Print Media – Flyers and Brochures
  • Traditional Media
  • Selling with Heart and more

If you are a female entrepreneur who has a small business or startup this book is for you.




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