SMART Goals are Achieved Goals

What is your business without goals? It’s a wishing well, really—where dreams of success go to die. That might sound harsh, but it is the reality of goals that are either set incorrectly or not carried out.

So what can you do to support the correct setting and achievement of goals for your start-up, SME, or multi-generational corporation? You can establish a SMART Goals Plan for your business. Read on for step-by-step instructions and examples.

A How-To Guide for Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Every well-set and achievable goal has five qualities. And they are as follows:

  • Specific: Focussed is the key here. Think in terms of precise numbers and explicitly described actions. How many clients you will attain, how much more profit you will earn, in a particular amount of time…and other precise points…will keep you and your staff concentrated on the desired outcome. Being specific will also aid in tracking your progress, so you’ll know if you’re on-track for achieving your goal.
  • Measurable: There must be a method in place for measuring your progress whilst on the road to achieving your goal. Establish a system with an end point in time, and with a method in place for tracking progress. Stay informed. Check progress daily, if possible. Be honest about your measurements and adjust if necessary, in order to avoid a mad dash at the end.
  • Attainable: Think big, but always remember to set goals that are within your reach. If you shoot too high your first time around, you and your staff may feel frustrated at the height of that goal—which could affect the performance of future goals. Ask yourself, “Is this within the realm of possibility?” If the answer is a solid YES, then forge ahead. If the answer is NO, then draw the reins in a little bit, in order to set yourself up for the type of success that will hatch future, bigger goals.
  • Relevant: What is the current state of your market? Will its climate be conducive to the goal you wish to achieve? Study your industry, current trends, and economic forecasts and then fashion your goal with your findings in mind. What you learn could leave room to set a loftier goal; or, it could tell you to back off a bit. No matter your findings, adjust accordingly, for success.
  • Time-Based: Always specify a timeframe in which your goal will be achieved. Without deadlines, many projects never get finished. Be realistic, but push yourself a bit, too. Not only will you realise results far sooner than you would without an end-date, you will greatly increase your chances of goal success.

Every long-term goal should be supported by a number of short-term goals, all of which include the S.M.A.R.T. principles outlined above. This will help to maintain focus, forward progress…and everyone will feel good and motivated with the achievement of milestones along the way.

Now for a few examples of S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

  • Add 50 new global customers to our client list in 6 months’ time, through the implementation of a social media marketing campaign and online content creation and marketing.
  • Increase net profits by 4 percent by the close of the fiscal year, by adding 2 new salespeople—1 in the north and 1 in the east.
  • Move our customer satisfaction rating from 90 percent to 95 percent in 3 months with the hiring of a team-building expert, as well as a customer-service specialist, to train our 4 customer service representatives.

Each one of these goals is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. You too, can set goals like this, and achieve them.

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