Say Goodbye to Tom, Dick, and Harry

You know Tom, Dick, and Harry, right? They’re the guys who represent everyone – without regard to geography, age, gender…and if you’re targeting them and all their friends with your marketing, you’re missing the mark.

This concept can be difficult to grasp, but here it is:

Your Target Audience is NOT Everyone.

Really, it’s true – no matter the nature of your business. Even if you’re marketing a product that every human being needs, your marketing message should be solely intended for first points of contact, or the people who will most likely make that initial decision to sign up, call, or buy.

By now, you might be wondering Why does it matter? Why is it so important to get it right?

Firstly, your time and your money are at stake. Every time a marketing campaign misses the mark by targeting the wrong people (or too few of the right people), you’ve exhausted a portion of your resources.

Secondly, there is a difference between your target audience and those whom you wish to do business with. Not every customer will be the first to call, and not every customer makes their own buying decisions – and it only makes sense to target those who do.

Consider this example:

The owner of a spa wishes to gain more massage clients. She takes a look at her existing clientele and discovers that it’s made up of both men and women, ages 25 through 65. So, she decides that her marketing campaign will target men and women 25 to 65…

and that’s where it all starts to go wrong.

You see, not everyone who ends up on her massage tables made the initial decision to patronise her establishment. In fact, when she studies her clientele lists, she discovers that in most cases, women aged 40 to 50 with desk jobs, poor posture, jobs that pay more than $50K, and who spend a lot of time online are making first appointments. Only after those women are satisfied with their experiences are they making appointments for their husbands, recommending the services to their sons and daughters, and making testimonials to friends.

After asking the right questions, the spa owner quickly realises that she can net greater results by marketing to a smaller audience – particularly when she considers that word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied clients is the most valuable of all.

This is actually a true story from a client of mine, you know who you are Kym!

Even if you believe your brand will appeal to a large portion of any population, good marketing sense tells us that targeting only those people with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) is the best decision. Determine which type(s) of people will be most readily receptive to your message. Pick the low-hanging fruit and don’t climb the tree in search of sub-markets until you have filled your appointment book or pushed your bottom line into the black with a hyper-focused target market.

Oftentimes, smart marketing decisions are built upon a few simple questions. Curious about what those questions might be? And how the answers can bring fewer Toms, Dicks, and Harrys…and more ideal clients? Simply contact me or check if I have an event planned for a city near you and let’s connect!

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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