Social Media: A Social Platform

What is social media, anyway? Well, let’s break it down. Social means interaction with other people. Media means a method of communication. Put them together and you get Social Media, a communication channel for human interaction.

If you’ve ever felt like the human element has been lost from social media, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there: you send a message, post an update that requires a response, or prompt someone to answer, and you’re met with blank white space and the sound of crickets.

No one would tolerate that behaviour in a traditional social setting, yet, it runs rampant in the realm of social media. This might seem like bad news for humanity in general; however, it’s good news for your business. You see, you can stand out from the crowd – crush the competition – by doing one simple thing: Engage People in Conversation with Your Brand, through Social Media.

Look at social media this way: if you own a social media page, you are telling the public, by default, that you accept that channel as a mode of communication. No business owner would deny the importance of customer service in the form of prompt communication; yet, many reject the idea of conversing through social media. If you feel this way, then impart this, either through an automatic reply or other instructions for communication with your business. Otherwise, reply to social media comments promptly, provide the information requested…all in a friendly and helpful manner – the same way you would treat a customer if she just walked through your front door or called you on the phone.

The days of businesses being viewed as faceless entities are over. Today’s consumer craves human interaction – even if it doesn’t happen in-person. And if he doesn’t get it, he will move on to those businesses that take the time to prove that they are genuinely interested in conversing with him – on a human level.

Want to learn more about getting social with social media? I’m here to help, and I can assure you that I will not only respond, but will engage in a real person-to-person conversation with you. Connect with me here on my Blog or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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