The Most Successful Men Have This

The description of a successful man is changing, and those changes aren’t just based on preference—they’re based on the real-life stories of men in business who show higher-than-average levels of optimism, empathy, consideration for others, self-motivation, authenticity and consistency.

These aren’t qualities that anyone can fake [for too long]; and they’re not qualities that are born unto themselves. Instead, they must be cultivated and harvested from a place of…drum roll please…

Emotional Intelligence.

Gone are the days of “powerful” alpha males dictating over cohorts in order to gain “respect” and an elevated place on the corporate ladder. Vulnerability is now welcomed in the business world—and is, in fact, relished in most industries.

So what is Emotional Intelligence (EI), and how can one get some? I’m so glad you’ve asked.

The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

Many of us know how difficult it can be to deal with someone who has a low level of Emotional Intelligence. They often say hurtful things, show no regard for others’ feelings and mishandle interactions on both professional and personal levels. They tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over, make decisions in-the-moment based on emotional storms, get into heated disputes and blame others for their “bad luck”.

A person with low EI has trouble identifying and managing his own emotions—and therefore, the emotions of others. You can see how this can be a gigantic stumbling block in any type of business. Contracts are lost, reputations are soiled and relationships are damaged irreparably.

On the other hand, when a person is Emotionally Intelligent, he is more successful in building personal and professional relationships because he is:

  • empathetic/compassionate
  • motivated to continually improve
  • thoughtful, but sure, in making choices
  • supportive of his team
  • optimistic
  • welcoming of challenges
  • empowered by opportunity
  • inspired by quality relationships he has built
  • resilient
  • selfless

The Emotionally Intelligent man enjoys more quality relationships, more productive interactions, more satisfaction in life and more success at work. All because the people around him enjoy HIM and how he makes them feel.

I think you’ll agree that EI is an asset to any profession, any business…any life. So now, how can you develop your own EI and that of your team?

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Becoming Emotionally Intelligent isn’t just about knowing how you’re feeling at the moment. It’s about knowing what lights you up, who you are, what you want to accomplish and how your emotions affect your interactions with people around you.

Working with a coach or therapist is the best way to develop Emotional Intelligence; however, there are some very important things you can do for yourself, to increase your level of EI.

  • Define what you’re passionate about. Maybe you don’t know—and that’s okay. Start by working with children, the mentally challenged or the elderly, and practice being fully present and involved in what they have to say and what they want to do. This will not only teach you to put others first and respond to their needs, it will tell you if you’re meant to get involved with humanity in this way.
  • Get inside yourself, with meditation and quality time spent alone. Get to know yourself. Experience things around you and take note of what makes you feel energized. Pay attention to where a relaxed mind takes you. All of these things are clues for getting to the places where you’ll make your most rewarding connections.
  • Every time you feel a notable emotion, write it down. Also write down what you said and did in response to feeling that emotion. Did your reactions help you to connect with other people, or did they push you away from people? Take note of patterns and how destructive they can be. Next time you feel a strong emotion, think about those patterns and adjust your reactions.
  • As you begin to learn about what makes you happiest, take actions that will move you along a path toward that happiness. Not everyone feels like they’re a natural “people person,” but maybe they were never in a situation where they felt “lit up” by what they were doing or talking about. Feel the rush. Take action to get closer to it. Never wait for it to come to you.

This should be a good start for becoming Emotionally Intelligent. Follow these pieces of advice, get yourself a coach or therapist who specialises in this area, and then open your mind to the EI benefits listed above. Once they start to happen, keep practicing the EI exercises you’ve learned. The effects will compound, and you’ll soon be building meaningful relationships that will prove invaluable to your personal and professional life.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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