The Shortest Sales Funnel Wins

If there’s one thing consumers across all industries agree upon, it’s this: They have no time or patience for long, drawn-out processes. Simpler is better; easy is a good thing.

Is your brand catering to this consumer preference? And does it make buying a straightforward, painless process? Any brand can close more sales with a simpler, shortened-sales-funnel approach. Here are a few pieces of advice for enacting this change within your brand:

  • In order for the sales process to begin, there needs to be a simple, foolproof way for people to contact your sales force. If potential clients have to make a concerted effort just to find your email address or your phone number, it’s time to simplify.
  • Your sales force should lead the way – be a guiding light. Putting the ball in the court of the customer can equate to wasted time and a depleted bottom line. Take prospects by the virtual hand. Give them the information they need. Lead them, as directly as possible, to the point where decisions are made.
  • Very little time should pass between inquiries and responses. Remember, that’s time in which prospects might choose the competition, and it’s a reflection on your brand’s overall responsiveness. Reply quickly to inquiries – while crucial emotions are still high.
  • Listen intently. If you do, people will naturally tell you (in words, actions, and between the lines) what they do and do not want. This will help you to cater your offerings to each individual – and subsequently cut down the amount of time spent in-pitch.
  • Avoid presenting all options to every potential client. Offer only what you believe will suit each person, in order to shorten explanations and reduce the number of decisions your prospects need to make.
  • Eliminate unnecessary processes and paperwork. You’ve heard new clients complain about “signing their life away.” If you can devise a way to lessen the formalities, take the opportunity to do so.
  • When the time comes to close the sale, make it easy for them to say “Yes.” A customer should never have to wonder if the time is right to commit. Make it clear, concise, and ask for that yes.

Your sales process may be winning in the simplicity category – but how can you know? I would suggest asking your current clients how they feel about your processes and then adjust your sales funnel – for new and existing clients – accordingly.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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