Tips on Speaking from Stage with Confidence

Speaking with confidence is about you BEING YOU – people buy people.

If you don’t turn up as your authentic self then your audience will know. It’s an energy thing. Other speakers do their thing and you do yours. Some women will prefer their style. Others will prefer yours. The people who need to connect with you will, if you allow flow.


  • When scripting your talk keep it simple.
  • Use conversational style. If you wouldn’t say it, don’t script it.
  • Know your subject! If you are a master of many things pick what will most appeal to your target market on the day ie. Secrets women. Don’t confuse them with all your products/services in one talk.
  • Relax. Imagine you’re talking to someone who accepts and loves you unconditionally and wants to see you shine.
  • Connection. Focus on connecting with your audience, ask questions get to know them. You can’t please everyone but you can connect with those who need to hear your message.
  • Perfection is an illusion. If you stumble call it out, laugh. Show the audience that you are perfectly imperfect. They’ll love you for it.
  • Speak their language. Use words and phrases your audience would use.
  • Entertain. Remember you are putting on a show, make it entertaining for your audience if you can.



  • Smile, remember you’re amazing.
  • Feet firmly on ground and arms relaxed by your sides.
  • Keep gestures to a minimum, you don’t want to distract with your jazz hands.
  • Shoulders back and relaxed
  • Move with authority, then stop and plant your feet. Do not shuffle, sway or pace.
  • Align your body and release unnecessary tension.
  • Check eyes aren’t too wide. Bunny in the headlights look is never a good one!
  • Don’t rush. Pitch, pace, pause, volume and emphasis = audience engagement.
  • Intonation. Avoid ending your sentences on a high note.
  • Face massage and move your mouth to release tension.
  • Stand in a power pose (hands on hips) for 2 minutes before you speak to drop your adrenaline



  • Breathe. When nervous we hold our breath. Be conscious how you breathe. Breathe into your stomach, not your chest/shoulders.
  • Energy exchange. Know that your audience wants you to succeed. Manage your state energetically. Send them LOVE!
  • Authenticity. (be you!)
  • Flow. You know when you are in flow. Bring that energy to the room.
  • Be passionate. Your audience will get caught up in your enthusiasm.
  • Speak through your body from your soul.
  • Prepare then surrender. You’ve done all you can, now enjoy the moment.



You think you need to be perfect (you don’t).

You fail to be vulnerable or humble.

You try to share too much information with your audience and confuse them, or run out of time.

You have the wrong purpose in mind (to get sales rather than to give value).

You don’t understand what your audience wants/needs from you.

You don’t feel confident that you deserve to be there.

You try to please everyone (impossible!).

You compare yourself to other speakers and try to emulate them (be yourself).

You focus on the fear (potential negative outcomes/failure to perform) instead of the opportunity.

You try to control rather than influence your audience.

You listen to your inner critic and think your audience will have the same opinion (they want you to succeed!).

I believe in you and can’t wait to see you shine at Secrets in the Garden.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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