Top 10 Tips for More Facebook Interaction

Interaction with your ideal clients is essential to success in social media marketing…and in any type of marketing, for that matter.

What are you doing to ensure that your ideal clients are feeling connected to your brand through your Facebook business page? If you’re not sure, I’ve got some tips for you that will change the way you use social media to build your brand.

Interact, Engage, Market, Build…with your Facebook Business Page

For many businesses, Facebook is a big part of how they find and connect with their target audience. If you have found that a large number of your ideal clients are spending time on Facebook, then you must take full advantage of the marketing opportunities offered there.

Here are my Top Ten Tips for promoting quality interactions on your Facebook business page:

  1. Always respond to every comment…and yes, this includes the negative ones. If and when someone responds negatively, thank them for the feedback and then get right to how you can remedy whatever has gone wrong. This will not only mitigate any further damage-by-testimonial, it will prove to your entire Facebook audience that your brand is customer-centric.
  2. Take advantage of the About Us section of your Facebook business page. This is one of the most-often visited places on business pages, and it’s often what people use to decide whether your page will get their “Like.” Give visitors information such as bio(s), milestones, brand story, mission, vision, values and benefits.
  3. Make private messaging available to your page visitors. Not everyone wants to correspond on a public stage (in the comments), and most often, the people who message you are those most interested in pursuing a relationship with your brand.
  4. Give visitors plenty of opportunity to dig more deeply into your brand. Include links to your webpages and other important places. Post status updates when you write new blog posts, when new articles are published and when you have special news to share that is supported by an outside source. No status update on your Facebook business page should be a dead-end. There should always be something to click on—somewhere else to go where the engagement can be continued.
  5. Avoid the hard, constant sell. Use your Facebook business page to serve your target audience, giving them the relevant, useful information and/or entertainment they need from you. The occasional sales post is fine; however, overdo it, and engagement will decline.
  6. Use your page to distribute freebies. Have a free guide to share? Or a video tutorial? Or a book chapter? Your Facebook business page is a great way to extend this offer, free of charge, to your followers. This will expand perceptions of your expertise and build trust among your audience. You can also use it to build your email list (by sending them to a sign-up page to receive the free offer).
  7. Facebook gives its business users the opportunity to integrate a call-to-action button into their cover photo. “Book Now,” “Call Us,” and “Sign Up” are just a few examples of available text. Always take advantage of this feature, so that when visitors want to move forward, there’s no doubt about how to do that.
  8. Take full advantage of consumers’ preferences for audio-visuals. Photos and videos are the #1 top engagers on social media, and should be included with every post, even when writing your own content or sharing content from other sources. Whether you’re sharing images and video, or you’re creating your own, always keep your target audience in mind. What are their pains? What do they take pleasure in? What are they thinking about right now? Use what you know about them (gathered through exhaustive research) to give them what they’re craving…maybe even before they know they want it.
  9. Add apps to your Facebook business page from the Facebook App Center. Choose from a menu of available apps or create custom apps for your page. These will appear as tabs just below your cover photo, and give visitors even more opportunities to interact with your brand.
  10. Look at analytics to determine when you should be posting. Everyone’s audience is different. My customers may be most active on social media in the morning, before work, whilst yours are most open to engagement in the evening, after dinner. Look at what your page’s analytics are telling you about engagement and click rates, and then use what you learn to schedule future posts.

These ten tips should get you started on your way to improved interaction on your Facebook business page. Have questions? Looking for more advanced advice for social media engagement? Contact me and we’ll talk about your business’s unique story.

Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.