Top 5 Tips for Building your Brand

Do you just own a business, or are you building a brand?

Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference, and thanks to women’s unmatched insights, they’re getting it right.

So what are the most successful female business owners doing to build their brands?

I have studied the subject in-depth, and have found the following five pieces of advice most valuable in the building of brands:

  1. Get clear on your values, vision and mission. Your brand can only grow if you’re attracting the types of customers who will see the worth in what you’re offering, who will come back again and again, and who will tell their friends and family about it. We all seem to grasp that concept. We falter when we put out messages that we think are right, but they’re all wrong for the types of people we want to attract. That’s why it’s crucial that you decide what’s most important to you, as a business owner. What values do you want to demonstrate in your everyday interactions? What is your vision for your business’s future? And what do you most want to accomplish? Getting clear on these things, and then communicating them in everything you do, will attract the types of customers who are not only interested in what you’re doing, but who will support it.
  2. Highlight what’s unique about your brand. Every new brand is automatically placed into the market slush pile. The ones that come out of it are the ones that prove they’re different. All the others are eventually forgotten. You can identify what makes you different (your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition), by making a list of things you can do better than the competition, things you like to do that the competition doesn’t, and things you’re uniquely talented in. Not sure about how to evaluate yourself? Ask those you’ve lived, worked and played with. They know you and have unique insights into what makes you special. The same things they notice, like and remember about you will be the same things customers notice, like and remember about your brand. Monopolise on this. Use it to garner attention for your brand.
  3. Craft your brand’s visuals with care. I see too many brand builders using their favourite colours to represent their brands, or just drawing a pretty picture to act as their company’s logo. I would not advise doing this. Not only are random choices like these not properly representing your values, vision and mission, they could be sending messages that are completely contrary to everything you’re trying to get across. Do your homework. Choose colours, lines and shapes that genuinely communicate your brand’s message. Work with a professional graphic designer who takes the time to learn about your brand and to accurately represent it with visuals that speak clearly, even without words.
  4. Create a buzz. You can talk about your brand until you’re blue in the face…and no one will care. However, encourage your satisfied customers to write testimonials, make referrals and recommendations, and you’ve broken into a gold mine. Today’s consumer doesn’t have the time or the desire to research every brand that comes along; instead, they rely on those who have already done business with those brands for feedback. Consumers are more likely to take a recommendation from a stranger than they are to take a leap of faith on their own. Keep this in mind as you engage your current customers. What incentives are you offering to them? Why should they want to recommend your brand? And can they feel good doing so?
  5. Market your brand to the best people, in the best places and at the best times. When I use the word “best,” I’m talking about the “best” for your brand. Maybe your ideal client isn’t the richest, the prettiest or the most well-mannered. However, your brand has what they need and want. Identify those people who will most intensely appreciate what your brand is doing, and put your marketing messages in the places they’re frequenting. Conduct research to find out what time of the day, what day of the week, what day of the month, and what time of the year is best for making impressions, and get in there…so your brand can get out

Use these tips to gain ground in brand-building, to give your brand more resilience and more longevity. The companies that do these things are, in fact, the most likely to succeed.

Can your business survive without building a brand? There are some who say that brand-building is a waste of time and energy. However, the facts really can’t be denied. When a brand is built (and built well), it attracts more customers, retains more customers, is more likely to benefit from word-of-mouth advertising, and is more profitable.

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