Top Tips for Facebook Live

Live video is the latest and greatest in social media engagement. Not only can a female business owner demonstrate her authenticity and humanity through live streaming video, she can engage her audience in real time and save the recordings for viewing later.

Women entrepreneurs have both a competitive edge and a duty whilst engaging their audiences. You see, people are attracted to women-owned businesses because they want professional relationships on a personal level. They want the kind of welcome, sensitivity and perception they expect from our gender.

Live video, like that of Facebook, provides a unique opportunity for you to demonstrate all of that and more. But, if you’re like most business owners, you’re feeling a little hesitant to give it a try.

Tips for broadcasting live

As you move forward, incorporate these tips into your live broadcasts, and you’ll feel more confident with each airing:

  • If you’re broadcasting to an international audience, schedule your airing at a time that’s convenient for most.
  • Create a Facebook event or otherwise notify your audience when your broadcast will start and what they can expect to get or learn from it.
  • Market your live broadcast using the same methods you might use to market other events. Drum up interest, with the understanding that a sizeable audience is best.
  • Soon before it starts, remind your audience to tune in.
  • Ensure that you have a solid internet connection before starting your broadcast. A glitching video is not going to build loyalty for you or your business.
  • Start on time.
  • Relax, be yourself, and avoid reading directly from a script. I recommend that if you’re making a presentation or conveying information, that you keep a list of points nearby…just for helping you remember what’s next.
  • Be authentic. This is a fabulous way to build your personal brand…which means you’ll need to let your personality shine.
  • Welcome people and give a brief overview of what you’ll be accomplishing or presenting.
  • Say hello to individuals as they join in. This will make participants feel significant, and they’ll remember your brand in a positive light.
  • Speak in a relaxed manner (how you would in-person), whilst remembering to enunciate and speak slowly—so that participants aren’t struggling to understand you or keep up.
  • Include calls-to-action regarding applicable products or services and invite people to get involved.
  • Verbally address as many questions and comments as you can, as they appear. Reply to comments and questions left after the broadcast, too.
  • Facebook allows live broadcasts of up to four hours. Remember that the longer you appear live, the longer your viewers have to invite more people to participate. Plan ahead and have lots of material ready.
  • Go live on a regular basis, and offer a variety of locales and subject matter.
  • Invite important guests (experts) to speak on your live productions and market those appearances ahead of the broadcasts.

Facebook Live is a groundbreaking development, and one that all female entrepreneurs should be using to solidify their stakes in their markets.

Do you have questions about how to use Facebook Live, or how you can make it an integral part of your marketing strategy? Please share it with me below.

Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.