How Do You Treat Your Business?

Do you treat your business with the respect it deserves?
If you were in counselling with your business what would it say about you?
In this video Marnie explores how you treat your business and why it matters if you want to make money.

Database Collection

One of the most important things a business can have is an engaged database. What is a database? How do you get one? More importantly, how can you get the most out of your database?

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Do you hate selling? What is it about selling that us business owners fear the most?

People don’t hate being sold to, they hate being sold to poorly.

In this video Marnie talks about how to take the fear out of selling and how you can start to hearing more “yes” and less “no”.


We need to stop trying to be perfect in everything that we do because it is actually hindering us.

Marnie talks about how eliminating ‘perfection’ out of your vocabulary can help you succeed.

People Buy People

When you meet a person, they subliminally ask themselves two questions about you.

If you want to be more successful at selling, you first need to address these questions. In this video Marnie gives you tips on how to better connect with people in sales interactions.

What is Branding?

Branding is not your logo, your office, it’s not the beautiful colours that you use. So what is branding? What is a brand?

Marnie LeFevre discusses this in her video. To read more about it, visit the blog article.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

In this episode, Marnie LeFevre talks about the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome in business and tips to try and avoid it.

Emotional Intelligence

In this video, Marnie LeFevre talks about the emotional intelligence in male leadership.

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Target Market

Who is your target market? Is it everyone?
In this video, Marnie LeFevre gives you tips on how you can drill down and find out who your target market really is.

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