Why Women are Better at Selling than Men

Women close more deals than men. And the difference is significant, with women outselling men by 11%.[1]

Why is this? Aren’t they all trained the same way? And aren’t they all reading from the same branded company sales strategy?

All the data points to one thing: Women are breaking the rules of conventional selling, and taking the risks and giving the attention necessary for really getting in touch with prospects.

Here are some points that I think contribute to women’s overwhelming success with sales:

  • Listening Skills: The above-referenced study found that men are more silent than women during sales calls; however, they apparently aren’t listening as well during those silent periods. Sure, women talk more, but it’s also a psychological fact that they can process what’s being said more efficiently and effectively than their male counterparts. This means that they’re absorbing what the customer is saying, and can more readily respond with customised solutions.
  • Depth: Men are more prone to reply to a yes/no answer with trailing language that is unfocussed and unlikely to directly answer the original question. Women, on the other hand are more skilled at staying attentive to the question at hand, giving targeted answers…and therefore being more effective in the sales department.
  • Patience: Sure, it might take a woman bit longer to close the sale, but that’s often because she’s keeping the customer on the line, making sure his needs are being met all through the sales funnel, in order to eventually close that sale. Thanks to her natural likelihood of exercising a higher level of patience, she will experience a greater level of success.
  • Comfort Level: Women are seen as less threatening than men. Call it prejudice, but this is the way our society has taught us to view the sexes. For this reason, women (especially) are more likely to hear out another woman. Maybe they had been bullied into a sale by a man in the past. Maybe they feel intimidated by men, even if there’s no reason to feel that way. No matter the reason, saleswomen have better success in breaking through barriers and opening minds.
  • Attention to Detail: When a customer drops a leading phrase, or when that same consumer uses an unconventional or unexpected word, or shows body language that is uncomfortable…a female salesperson will ask herself why and then gather more details to not only say the right things, but help that prospect overcome the misgivings he or she has just hinted to. These are things that the male mind is likely to overlook.

Success as a salesperson is an individual thing. Each person has natural strengths, and will put them to use for different results. However, we can all learn from the gifts that women bring to our salesforces. No matter your gender, you can work to develop patience, listening skills and more.

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Have a beautiful day, beautiful you.

[1] Gong, 2017