You Have a Client Avatar, Right?

As you begin to develop and market your brand, it can be enticing to take the easy route—to market to a broad audience. This can, however, be a dangerous move. A broad message will appeal to virtually no one, while a focussed message will appeal to all the right people.

So how can you develop that focussed message? How can you speak directly to the people who will come to mean the most to your brand…and move them to engage with it?

You must start not with the message, but with the recipient of that message. This will provide a goal—an ending point—so that you can steer your marketing efforts in the right direction.

That end point is a client avatar, and today, you’re going to learn what it is, how to create one, and what it will do for the long-term success of your brand.

What is a Client Avatar?

A client avatar is a profile, or a demographic and psychographic representation, of the type of person who is most likely to both initially engage with your brand and become a loyal client.

It is not symbolic of one person, but rather a composite of all your ideal clients’ characteristics melded into one representative portrait. These characteristics includes such things as family size/type, gender, career, hobbies, interests, age, marital status, social atmosphere of choice, challenges faced, technology comfort level, values, key words and phrases often used, and problems that can be solved by your brand.

How to Create a Client Avatar

The only way to obtain accurate information with which to create your client avatar is to do the research necessary for learning about him/her.

This will require a generous amount of envisioning, but it will also require talking to people in your industry, people with the problems that your brand can solve, unsatisfied customers of your competition, and more. It will require intense listening and the abandonment of preconceived notions about your ideal client. Survey results will come in handy, as will close attention to the language and discussion topics in chat rooms and forums.

Make a visual representation of your ideal client—this will be your avatar. Male/female, thin/obese, well-dressed/casual, long-hair/well-groomed, and more will be characteristics that help to define your avatar. Not every ideal client will look like your avatar, but now you’ll have a “real person” to whom to direct your marketing messages.

Now, write your client avatar’s story. Include background, pivotal life occurrences, a typical day, daily struggles, etc. This story is what you will think of when you look at your client avatar, and this will be directly or indirectly addressed with every marketing and consumer communication message.

Make your Client Avatar Work for your Brand

With your client avatar in place, you have the ability to write marketing messages with the specificity of a personal conversation. Every ideal client who reads your brand communications will feel that you are speaking directly to him/her and will be more likely to move to make a connection that just feels right.

Why? Because, thanks to your client avatar, you really are speaking directly to your ideal customer. You have put in the work, and that’s evident in the words you use to convey your brand’s story, message, and promises.

Print an image of your avatar. Keep his/her story handy. Look at them often. Speak to him/her whenever you communicate with your target audience. You will notice that your brand messages become more focussed, more emotionally connective…and therefore, more productive.

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