Your New Morning Beauty Routine

If you’ve ever tried to pour a cup of coffee from a nearly empty carafe, you know the frustration of someone else having emptied your resources. Add to that your need for a boost of caffeine, and you also know the feeling of needing something that’s just not available right now.

As women, we empty ourselves every day. And rarely do we replenish what’s been used.

We thrive on giving because it feels good, but we forget that we cannot give what we don’t have.

Making sure that you’re filled up so that you can give your best is a common challenge for female business owners. Not only are we raising families, sustaining romances and maintaining social lives…we have the weight of running a company on our shoulders. Sure, we love it all—wouldn’t change it for the world. But does that mean all the good stuff has to be going out, instead of coming in?

There’s a proven way to fill yourself up, so you can have more energy to get everything done, and enjoy yourself whilst doing it.

That method is making sure you’re beautiful every day.


Can’t believe I’d revert to the physical? To remedy a spiritual or psychological issue?

Allow me to explain:

Beautiful women get more smiles (stick with me, I’m going somewhere with this). They get more opportunities and they’re more confident about grasping chances to excel. Other people want to be around them and it’s much easier for beautiful women to gain the attention they need to build brand awareness.

And here’s where I qualify that statement: The type of beauty that makes all this happen has nothing to do with how expertly your makeup is applied, or how well your hair is blown out today. Your teeth don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to wear designer clothing.

What you do need to do is exude beauty, and the only way to make that happen is to believe, in your own heart, mind and spirit that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

This kind of beauty comes from genuine self-love, and here’s how you can begin to attain that:

  • Every morning, when you wake up, look in the mirror for a moment. Appreciate your beautiful morning face in all its sleepy glory. Try very hard not to judge it, just love it. Appreciate the fact that you’ve awakened, and that you have a day filled with everything you love in front of you. Be grateful.
  • Get out of the shower and look at yourself in the mirror (maybe you’ve been avoiding doing this?). Appreciate your body for everything it has accomplished and all the places it takes you every day. It is perfect because it works, and it’s perfect because it is the vessel for everything that makes you unique. Thank your body.
  • As you put on your makeup or fix your hair, smile at yourself in the mirror. You deserve your smile too you know. In fact you deserve it more than most, surely. This helps to increase your confidence and sets you up to feel more positive about yourself and your day.
  • Before you leave, give yourself a compliment; as if you just met the woman in the mirror. Does she have sparkling eyes? Or a contagious smile? Does she carry herself with grace or radiate positive energy? Tell yourself these things and hear them as truth. They are the same things others are noticing about you, and they are the things that make you more beautiful than any typical beauty routine ever could.

The new idea of beauty is not that every curve and every eyelash is perfectly in-place, but that every feature makes you unique and endears you to the people who know your face.

When you see your face in the mirror, see it just like you see the faces of your children, or your partner, or your sister or your father. Love it so that it can exude love and receive love. Love it so it can smile with authenticity and bring joy to you and others.

Love it so that you can attract everything you’ll need to fill yourself up—so you can give all the things you want to give.

You are beautiful. Now it’s your job to begin to believe that you are and start to see yourself through a new set of eyes in the morning.